Huawei’s New MateBook X Pro: Smart Office AI Revolution!

April 11, 2024, heralded the launch of the new Huawei MateBook X Pro, ushering in Huawei’s vision of an all-scenario AI-empowered Smart PC. The year 2024 may be a pivotal moment, signaling the dawn of a new era where AI powers creativity, office work, education, and daily life. The new MateBook X Pro is the epitome of Huawei’s commitment to evolving AI capabilities and persistent technological innovation.

The new Huawei MateBook X Pro revolutionizes smart office AI

Huawei has been shaping the smart office experience with its MateBook series since 2016, and by 2022 achieved seamless collaboration across PCs, smartphones, tablets, and smart screens, doubling productivity for users. Innovations like AI-enhanced visual recognition, audio, captioning, real-time transcription, and audio file transcription have strengthened users’ experience in smart office work. In 2024, the new MateBook X Pro boosts smart interaction through its enhanced software and hardware.

Next-level empowerment with the new MateBook X Pro

Powered by the Intel® Core™ Ultra 9 high-performance processor and Huawei’s proprietary Kylin architecture, the new MateBook X Pro boasts material and structural innovation, including the industry-smallest triple-segment motherboard. Paired with Huawei’s original King Kong aluminum material, it achieves a weight of 980 grams and a thickness of 13.5mm. Despite its lightness, the laptop is remarkably capable with diverse AI-powered smart office features.

Benefiting from deep AI integration, the new MateBook X Pro offers unprecedented enhancements for smart office capabilities. Features such as AI-powered visual and audio enhancements, smart voice recognition, and intelligent search are just the beginning. Huawei’s AI Space acts as a one-stop AI capability hub, delivering personalized AI services that streamline workloads.

AI Space: A one-stop AI capability hub

The advanced AI of the new MateBook X Pro brings immense convenience to the workplace. AI features improve video conferencing experiences and prevent awkward moments, while the smart voice feature provides both efficient input and powerful real-time captioning and translation tools. Intelligent search capabilities extend beyond the device, allowing cross-device searching of smartphones and tablets with simple keyword prompts for seamless multi-device operation.

Huawei has also partnered with software like Wondershare Filmora and WPS Office to enhance their AI functionalities. With WPS AI, for example, the burden of formatting text-heavy documents like academic papers and contracts is lifted, allowing users to focus on the content while AI handles layout and design.

Formatting made easy with WPS AI

The new MateBook X Pro includes an exceptional feature powered by Huawei’s PanGu Model: AI Summarization. Even in chaotic brainstorming sessions, this advanced model can organize the maelstrom of information coherently. The AI summation feature extracts key details from dialogues, providing one-sentence summaries, keywords, and brief abstracts, capturing meeting highlights for instant recall and organization.

AI Summarization in action

The MateBook X Pro excels not only in smart capabilities but also in traditional computation, delivering 40W of performance on battery and a staggering 64W peak during plugged-in use. The laptop’s Super Device features create an even more seamless multi-device experience with improved synchronization and ergonomics, illustrating Huawei’s attention to detail.

Besides performance, the MateBook X Pro is also a beauty. Its minimalistic metal body provides an exceptional look and feel, embodying a perfect balance of elegance and power—a testament to Huawei’s formidable research and development capabilities and a hallmark of smart PC products.

Alongside the new MateBook X Pro, the Huawei Wireless Mouse GT Edition was released, featuring improved anti-interference capabilities and a luxurious, silky material, in black and blue—perfectly complementing the new MateBook X Pro.

Huawei Wireless Mouse GT Edition complements the MateBook X Pro

The new Huawei MateBook X Pro is an impressive flagship for the year and a beacon for the future. It underscores the market’s anticipation and faith that Huawei will continue to innovate and enhance the smart PC experience, offering enriched functionality and a superior user experience.

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