iPhone 16 specs revealed: New design + 7 major upgrades make the 15 Pro outdated.

Apple Set to Release iPhone 16 Series with New Design and 7 Upgrades

Last September, Apple launched the iPhone 15 series consisting of four models: iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Despite offering Apple’s best configuration to date, the iPhone 15 series faced intense competition from a plethora of domestic flagship smartphones, leading to significant price reductions across all four models, with discounts of over 1000 yuan, grabbing the attention of many Apple enthusiasts. However, just as everyone was focused on the price drop of the iPhone, details about the full specifications of the upcoming iPhone 16 series were leaked online, promising a new design and 7 major upgrades, making even the heavily discounted iPhone 15 Pro lose its appeal.

iPhone 16

According to the latest leaks, Apple plans to unveil the new iPhone 16 series in September this year, featuring iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Plus, iPhone 16 Pro, and iPhone 16 Pro Max. All models will sport a fresh design, with the two standard versions having their display sizes increased to 6.3 inches and 6.9 inches, and a retro-style vertical dual-camera setup. Additionally, a new capture button will be introduced on the right side of the frame. The higher-end Pro versions will also see a bump in display size to 6.3 inches and 6.9 inches, maintaining the existing rectangular triple-camera layout, alongside the new capture button on the side.

iPhone 16 Specs

Notably, with the new design aesthetic, the iPhone 16 series will see an increase in height from the original 6.1/6.7 inches to 6.3/6.9 inches while keeping the width almost the same as the iPhone 15 series. This design ensures excellent grip comfort while providing users with a larger screen experience.

Furthermore, the latest leaks reveal the specifications of the entire iPhone 16 series, boasting 7 significant upgrades compared to the current iPhone 15 series:

  • Chip upgrade, with the standard version featuring the A18 chip and the Pro version featuring the A18 Pro chip.
  • Memory upgrade, eliminating the 128GB option for the standard version and introducing a 1TB version, with all models starting at 256GB.
  • Screen upgrade, moving away from the 6.1/6.7-inch displays to 6.3/6.9-inch displays across the board.
  • Camera upgrade, with the standard version adopting the same main camera as the 15 Pro, and the Pro version upgrading to a main camera + periscope lens setup, enhancing the overall imaging experience.
  • Signal upgrade, upgrading to 5G modems across the lineup, with the standard version featuring the Snapdragon X70 and the Pro version getting the Snapdragon X75.
  • System upgrade, shipping with the official version of iOS 18 operating system, introducing more powerful AI capabilities.
  • Button upgrade, incorporating multifunctional buttons on all models, along with the addition of a capture button for a unique imaging experience.

iPhone 16 Upgrades

Judging by the pricing of iPhones in recent years, it is anticipated that the standard version of the iPhone 16 will start at 5999 yuan. Combined with the aforementioned leaks highlighting the new design and 7 major upgrades, the iPhone 16 standard version is poised to offer the A18 chip, iOS 18, a 6.3-inch screen, multiple operational buttons, a capture button, and a minimum of 256GB storage. This configuration is in no way inferior to the current iPhone 15 Pro and even introduces new highlights surpassing the iPhone 15 Pro. Therefore, even with the substantial price drop on the iPhone 15 Pro, the appeal of the device diminishes in comparison.

iPhone 16 Features

In conclusion, while the iPhone 15 series boasts Apple’s unique chips and iOS system, the rise of domestic flagship smartphones has provided users with a broader range of options. This shift has led to unprecedented price drops for the iPhone 15 series. However, the leaked information regarding the iPhone 16 series promises a new design and 7 major upgrades, including the latest A18 chip, capture button, and a minimum of 256GB storage. If the starting price is indeed 5999 yuan, even the standard version of the iPhone 16 will pose strong competition and possibly offer better value than the current iPhone 15 Pro. With these new features, the iPhone 16 series is undoubtedly set to surprise Apple enthusiasts, creating anticipation for its release.

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