vivo X Fold3 series: 38% of predecessor’s sales in 10 days

How to Make Foldable Phones?

How can foldable phones become as widely accepted as traditional smartphones? This is a question that every brand needs to consider. However, each brand has different starting points and understandings of users, so the resulting products naturally differ. But this time, vivo seems to have taken the right path.

vivo X Fold3 Series Sales Data

Why say so? On April 13th, industry insiders, known as “Smart Chip Insiders,” released a set of sales data for the vivo X Fold3 series. According to him, the first sales of the vivo X Fold3 series directly reached 39% of the lifecycle of the previous generation vivo X Fold2. No wonder the industry reports state that the first sales of the vivo X Fold3 series directly increased 8 times compared to the previous generation… It is worth noting that the vivo X Fold3 series was officially launched on April 3rd, and due to the overwhelming market demand after the launch, these two models are currently experiencing shortages. It is extremely rare in the history of the industry for vivo models to experience shortages after their release. After authoritative media investigations, it was revealed that the production capacity of the vivo X Fold3 series has been scheduled until the end of the month, which is enough to show how popular the vivo X Fold3 series is right now.

vivo X Fold3 Series Shortages

Industry analysis believes that the reason why the vivo X Fold3 series is so popular is that this time, vivo has addressed many pain points in the daily use of foldable screen users, allowing them to be used as main devices just like traditional smartphones. For example: solving the portability issue, the vivo X Fold3 series is mainly focused on being lightweight. Both models weigh no more than 235 grams, with the standard version being around 219 grams. Moreover, the thickness of the whole device is also in line with that of traditional smartphones.

Another example: solving the battery life issue. Due to the contradiction between being lightweight and battery capacity, foldable screens usually have batteries with a capacity of no more than 5000mAh. However, the vivo X Fold3 Pro directly achieves 5700mAh, and it is still very lightweight. Furthermore, while foldable screen phones typically compromise on imaging, vivo has not done so, achieving top-notch imaging capabilities similar to traditional flagship smartphones.

vivo X Fold3 Series Imaging

Therefore, it can be said that the high price of horizontally folding screens is not the biggest obstacle to the popularization of foldable screens. Instead, it is that various brands have not solved the pain points in the user experience. The vivo X Fold3 series may have set an example for its competitors. Let’s see if future foldable screen phones will follow suit!

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