Huawei Mate70 series debuts in October with superior chipset and camera

Huawei P70 Series: Anticipation Builds Up

The launch of the highly anticipated Huawei P70 series seems imminent, yet the official announcement from Huawei remains elusive. Rumors surrounding the avant-garde plan continue to linger, leading some netizens to jokingly speculate that Huawei is engaging in a “first madness plan.” Observations from CNMO reveal that the P70 series is still being eagerly anticipated by fans while the Mate70 series is already gearing up to make its debut. Digital influencers have hinted that the Huawei Mate70 series is slated to make its appearance in October this year.

Huawei Mate60 series

Recently, leaked images of the rear side of the Huawei P70 standard version have surfaced. Some bloggers have noted that these images have been circulating for a few days now, providing enthusiasts with a sneak peek. However, regarding the P70 series, there’s not much more to add at this point… Furthermore, the current timeframe suggests that the Mate70 series will arrive in just six months, boasting even better chipset performance and imaging capabilities. In essence, the Huawei Mate70 series is expected to debut in October this year, surpassing the P70 series in terms of chipset performance and imaging prowess.

Huawei Mate70 series

Huawei’s P series and Mate series represent two flagship product lines with distinct focuses. The P series emphasizes fashionable design and superior imaging, while the Mate series stands out as the ultimate all-rounder flagship, excelling in performance and innovative technology. As for the blogger’s mention of a “better chipset,” it’s difficult to speculate which chipset Huawei will employ for the Mate70 series. However, considering the positioning of the Mate series, this aspect is within expectations.

According to Huawei’s plans, the HarmonyOS is expected to be available for consumer experience in the fourth quarter of this year, with the Mate70 series likely to be the first models to debut with it in autumn.

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