Huawei Mate70 Series Debuts in Oct: Superior Chipset & Imaging

Huawei’s Latest Technological News

The Huawei P70 series is said to be just around the corner, but Huawei has yet to make any official announcements. Rumors of the “Vanguard Plan” have also been slow to materialize, leading netizens to jokingly refer to Huawei’s “pre-crazy plan.” According to observations by CNMO, the P70 series is still being teased with netizens, while the Mate70 series seems eager to take the lead. Some digital bloggers have leaked information suggesting that the Huawei Mate70 series will make its debut in October this year.

Huawei Mate60 series

Recent Leak of Huawei P70 Standard Version

Recently, photos of the back of the Huawei P70 standard version have surfaced. Some bloggers have stated that these images have been available for a few days now, so everyone can take a look. However, as for the P70 series, I don’t feel like saying much now… The blogger also mentioned that in about six months, the Mate70 series will be here, with even better chips and no compromise on imaging capabilities. To break it down further, the Huawei Mate70 series is expected to arrive in October this year, boasting stronger chip performance compared to the P70 series, and equally impressive imaging capabilities.

Huawei Mate70 series

Differentiation between Huawei’s P Series and Mate Series

Huawei’s flagship product lines, the P series, and Mate series, each have their distinct positioning. The P series emphasizes stylish design and superb imaging, while the Mate series is an all-around flagship, excelling in performance and innovative technology. As for the blogger’s mention of “better chips,” it’s still hard to guess which chip Huawei will use for the Mate70 series. However, considering the product positioning of the Mate series, this is somewhat expected.

According to Huawei’s plan, the HarmonyOS is expected to be available for consumer experience in the fourth quarter of this year, with the highly anticipated Mate70 series likely to be the first models to debut in the fall.

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