AI Training Footage $7.25/min

No need for many words, AI technology is definitely the hottest in 2024. In order to train their own AI models, the well-known software company Adobe has decided to purchase a large amount of footage at a rate of $7.25 per minute.

AI Training Footage

Earlier this year, Adobe added millions of 4K videos to its Adobe Stock library and injected a huge sum into the Adobe Firefly generative AI platform, hoping to catch up with top-tier standards in the generative field. However, compared to still images, training video models is more challenging. Therefore, the renowned streaming website YouTube raised questions about how Open AI is training Sora. Apparently, YouTube suspects Sora of using video materials from its platform without permission, but Open AI remains silent on this issue.

Perhaps to avoid suspicion or because the amount of video material needed to train video models is simply too vast, Adobe plans to purchase videos from photographers and artists. They will also pay for videos based on their length, ranging from $2.60 to $7.25 per minute.

As it is widely known, training large AI models requires a massive amount of data. The amount of data needed for video models is estimated to far exceed that of image models. Adobe, being a mature commercial company, needs to ensure that the software they release is controversy-free so that consumers can use it with confidence. Apart from being questioned by YouTube, Open AI has also been taken to court. Last June, two authors filed a class-action lawsuit against Open AI in the Northern District of California, alleging that Open AI unlawfully used books to train ChatGPT without authorization, seeking commercial gain. If Adobe is purchasing video materials through legitimate channels to train AI models, it fundamentally avoids infringing on companies’ rights, allowing users to use their products with peace of mind.

AI Training Footage

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