Snapdragon 8+ Battles On, 1.5K Display+5000mAh, 16GB+512GB for Only $312

When getting a new phone, we shouldn’t just focus on specifications and price but also pay attention to the quality of the phone! Specifications and price are only surface-level information; you can know everything about them by just checking the parameters. However, when it comes to the quality of the phone body, you can truly perceive it only by getting your hands on the device. Some phones may boast ultimate comprehensive configurations and low prices, offering great value for money, but their quality can be poor, giving a feeling of cheapness after handling them for a while.


Of course, having comprehensive configurations, relatively low pricing, and exceptional phone body quality, these three major advantages can also be found in a single phone. After all, not every phone manufacturer is solely after high profits; some genuinely consider the users’ perspective, such as OnePlus. As a sub-brand of OPPO, OnePlus inherits OPPO’s high-quality characteristics. Specific models like OnePlus Ace2 are excellent examples.

OnePlus Ace2

OnePlus Ace2 excels in screen calibration and optimization since OnePlus has substantial experience in this area. It features a 1.5K LTM touch screen with a resolution that provides a near 2K ultra-clear viewing experience and saves 24.4% power according to the official tests. It supports a 120Hz refresh rate and features blue light filtering and high-frequency PWM dimming for eye protection, ensuring constant care for your eyes during daily viewing. Additionally, to enhance gaming control experience, OnePlus Ace2 has upgraded LTM touch technology, combined with a custom chip, making the touch experience more precise with lower latency.

Screen Optimization

Regarding performance, OnePlus Ace2 is equipped with the full-blooded first-generation Snapdragon 8+ flagship chip. After meticulous tuning by OnePlus, it scored 1.149 million points, without using underclocked chips like some phones released around the same time. From this perspective, OnePlus Ace2 is truly conscientious! The top configuration of OnePlus Ace2 offers 16GB LPDDR5X large memory, allowing seamless multitasking with over forty apps running simultaneously, ensuring smooth operation without lag.

High Performance

To cater to gamers, OnePlus Ace2 has upgraded to a super-frame super-image engine, allowing over a hundred games to run at 120 frames per second. This enhancement not only provides a high-quality gaming experience but also significantly boosts the gaming experience. For battery life and charging, it features a 5000mAh battery and 100W flash charging, offering outstanding battery life and the ability to reach 100% charge in just 25 minutes. In terms of photography, it supports a 50-megapixel Sony IMX890 flagship large-size lens with OIS optical image stabilization.

Camera and Battery

In terms of design, OnePlus Ace2 continues the family design language, similar to the recently released OnePlus 12 and OnePlus Ace3. The device incorporates watch-level craftsmanship into the back camera module, offering a new velvet glass technology for a silky touch. OnePlus Ace2 also includes basic features like infrared remote control, versatile NFC, screen fingerprint recognition, and more. Its all-around configuration justifies its pricing and proves how user-friendly OnePlus is as a smartphone manufacturer.

Currently, OnePlus Ace2 is undergoing price reductions, with the 16GB + 512GB version dropping to just over two thousand yuan. Considering that it is powered by the full-blooded Snapdragon 8+ chip, this phone can easily last for another three to four years of intensive usage.

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