New AI Chatbot for iPhone in 2nd Half of Year

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Recently, there have been reports indicating that in addition to the Mac product line, which will be equipped with Apple’s artificial intelligence (AI) chips, the iPhone series will also incorporate AI functionality in the latter half of this year, further boosting iPhone sales.

According to CNMO sources, Apple plans to introduce a chatbot feature with the new iPhone operating system, leveraging Google Gemini’s AI technology. Although Apple will also unveil its own AI engine, its primary role will be behind-the-scenes operations. Additionally, Apple is rumored to be planning the release of iOS 18 this year, which will offer a more customized main screen experience for iPhones. If implemented, this would mark the most significant update to the iPhone operating system in years, potentially attracting more consumers to the Apple ecosystem.

New AI Chatbot for iPhone in 2nd Half of Year

It’s worth mentioning that, according to the latest data from market research firms, Apple sold 17.41 million iPhones in February of this year, capturing an 18% share of global smartphone sales for that month. Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics, with 19.69 million smartphones sold, accounted for 20% of the global smartphone market. It seems that Apple is currently aiming to regain its lead over Samsung through AI initiatives.

New AI Chatbot for iPhone in 2nd Half of Year

Previously, Apple’s marketing chief, Joswiak, stated that this year’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) would be “absolutely incredible,” hinting at significant AI-related announcements. This year’s WWDC will continue the practice established since 2020, offering free online participation for app developers via the Apple website, and promising “exciting new initiatives.”

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