Huawei P Series Rebrands to Pura 70, Goes Independent

华为 recently announced the upgrade of its classic P series to the “Huawei Pura” series, a change that not only signifies the renaming of the product but also symbolizes Huawei’s brand strategy adjustment in the global market. Behind this decision lies Huawei’s deep consideration of future markets and strategic layout.

Why is Huawei undergoing a brand upgrade?

Analysts widely believe that Huawei’s renaming this time aims to strengthen the brand’s independence and market recognition. Although the original “P series” is well-known, as a series name, its brand effect is limited by Huawei’s overall brand. The independent naming of Pura allows this series to have a clearer market positioning and brand influence, similar to the Mate and Nova series.

According to Wu Yiwen, a senior analyst at Strategy Analytics, the independent name of Pura allows it to be separately trademarked, increasing its legal protection and market promotion space as a sub-brand. This strategy helps Huawei establish a more professional and customized brand image in different markets and consumer groups.

Technological and Market Outlook

According to the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s prediction, the newly launched Pura 70 series will continue to use Huawei’s self-developed Kirin chips and upgrade its imaging hardware. It is estimated that the shipment volume in 2024 will reach 10-12 million units, a 150% increase compared to the P60 series. This growth not only demonstrates Huawei’s technological progress but also reflects the continuous demand for Huawei’s high-end smartphones in the market.

He Gang, head of Huawei’s terminal business, previously stated that Huawei has returned to a normal product update rhythm and is confident in competing with Apple in the high-end market. This brand upgrade can be seen as a strategic move for Huawei to further consolidate and expand its market share in the high-end market.

By upgrading the P series to the Pura series, Huawei has not only strengthened the independence and brand value of its product line but also laid a solid foundation for future competition in the global market. With the integration of new technologies and the optimization of market strategies, Huawei Pura is expected to occupy a more important position in the high-end smartphone market.

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