New OPPO A3 Pro boasts IP69 rating, explosive performance!

Review of the OPPO A3 Pro

Upon first glance, what caught my eye about this phone was its pink back cover, which gives off a very girly vibe. However, the most surprising aspect was its weight. At 177g, holding it in hand felt unusually light.

In terms of performance, it’s decent, suitable for light gamers, such as those who play Honor of Kings. The heat dissipation is well managed with no issues, and the device’s temperature remains at an acceptable level.

I admire its optimization of the system, emphasizing a balanced performance and overall simplification, showing precise control over its capabilities.

Of course, the biggest highlight is its IP69 rating. To show my respect for this protection level, I dropped it and even dunked it in water. The results were clear – it didn’t flinch at my actions, maintaining stable protection throughout.

I also tested the camera, which performed averagely, meeting the expected standards for its tier.

Overall, I am quite satisfied with its performance. How about you?

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