WenXin Hits 200M Users; 4.0 Tool Unveiled

Baidu Announces 200 Million Users Milestone for Wenxin AI at Create AI Conference

At the 2024 Baidu Create AI Developer Conference held today, Baidu’s founder, chairman, and CEO, Robin Li, unveiled a significant achievement: the user base of Wenxin AI has surpassed 200 million since its launch on March 16th last year. This milestone not only signifies the widespread popularity of Wenxin AI but also reflects Baidu’s leading position in the field of artificial intelligence.

Wenxin AI hits 200 million users

Robin Li

Li further revealed that the API of Wenxin AI has exceeded 200 million daily calls, serving 85,000 corporate clients. In addition, the number of AI native applications developed through the Qianfan platform has exceeded 190,000.

Wenxin AI users surpass 200 million

The success of Wenxin AI can be attributed to its powerful language understanding and generation capabilities, as well as its continuously optimized and upgraded technical architecture. With the expansion of its user base, Baidu continuously gathers feedback to enhance product features in order to meet the growing market demands. The official launch of the large-scale model 4.0 tool version at this conference is not only the result of technological iteration but also demonstrates Baidu’s deep insights into the future trends of artificial intelligence development.

The release of the large-scale model 4.0 tool version will further drive AI application innovation. It provides richer functionality and higher performance, enabling developers to more conveniently build and deploy AI applications, accelerating the implementation of AI technology. This advancement not only enhances the efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises but also offers more possibilities for individual developers.

The convening of the Baidu Create AI Conference is not only a retrospective of the past year’s achievements but also a glimpse into the future. The surpassing of 200 million users for Wenxin AI and the launch of the large-scale model 4.0 tool version mark the beginning of a new chapter in the development of artificial intelligence. Baidu’s achievement will undoubtedly inspire the entire industry to continue exploring and innovating, collectively driving the progress and popularization of AI technology.

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