Following the launch of Xiaomi’s SU7, many are puzzled how Xiaomi built a car in 3 years! Lei Jun: Xiaomi has 14 years of smart manufacturing experience.

Xiaomi’s SU7 Unveiled: How Xiaomi Built a Car in 3 Years

After the release of Xiaomi’s SU7, many netizens were puzzled by how Xiaomi managed to create a car in just three years! Lei Jun: Xiaomi has accumulated 14 years of manufacturing experience.

According to the news from Kuai Technology on April 18th, this afternoon, Lei Jun started a live broadcast to chat with netizens about Xiaomi’s automobile venture.

During the live broadcast, Lei Jun stated that after the launch of Xiaomi’s car, some people online couldn’t comprehend how Xiaomi could produce a car in just three years, much faster than the industry average speed.

In response, Lei Jun explained that Xiaomi has been established for 14 years. The three-year achievement of Xiaomi’s car production is backed by Xiaomi Group’s 14 years of intelligent manufacturing experience and technological accumulation.


Furthermore, some time ago, CEO Liu Tao of Zhiji Automobile once stated that Xiaomi’s car took only three years from the platform to produce the first complete vehicle, starting from the native platform for research and development, and elaborated on the extensive and complicated vehicle and component testing and validation plans over 2-3 years.

No matter how it’s optimized, it seems not enough to rank high. Who knows how they achieved such efficiency and speed?

Lei Jun also provided an explanation. Xiaomi has 14 years of entrepreneurial experience and accumulation and has built a very reliable research and development team. Currently, there are approximately three to four thousand engineers, among whom at least one thousand are experts. These experts have helped Xiaomi avoid many pitfalls.

Moreover, China’s industrial chain foundation is very solid. If you are making smart electric cars and don’t take the wrong path, it’s quite feasible to produce the first car in three years.


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