Huawei’s New Pura 70 Series Sparks Buying Frenzy

Huawei’s New Pura 70 Series Sparks Buying Frenzy

On the morning of April 18th at 10:08 a.m., the HUAWEI Pura 70 Ultra and HUAWEI Pura 70 Pro were simultaneously launched in multiple stores in Zhengzhou, attracting high consumer attention and enthusiastic response.

Recently, Huawei’s official terminal released a video introducing the Huawei P series products, where Huawei’s Terminal BG CEO, Yu Chengdong, announced that the Huawei P series has officially been upgraded to “Huawei Pura.”

On the morning of the 18th, reporters from Dahe Network visited Huawei’s Smart Life Pavilion located in Zhengzhou’s Erqi District to witness the bustling scene of the first sale and pickup of the new devices.

“The Image King”: A Brand New Upgrade

Upon arrival, many consumers were experiencing the demo models, while those who had pre-ordered were already queuing up at the store entrance.

“I have been using Huawei P series phones for several years now. I quite like this new Pura series that just came out, so I hurried over to take a look,” a consumer told the reporter.

When expressing his expectations for the new device, the consumer mentioned that he enjoys taking photos with friends and is very interested in the latest imaging upgrades in the Huawei Pura series, describing the new phone as “The Image King.”

As per Yu Chengdong’s introduction in the video, even after the Huawei P series evolved into “Huawei Pura,” it will continue its exploration in imaging and aesthetics, holding onto the steadfast belief of “following one’s heart and forging ahead.”

Therefore, the Huawei Pura series retains the numbering from the previous P series, both as a tribute to the past and a promise for the future, hence the first Pura series product is named “Huawei Pura 70.”

“Red Big-Eyed Cutie”: Exquisite for the Vast and Detailed

“This upgrade of the Huawei P series to ‘Huawei Pura’ has caused a stir in the entire industry,” said senior Huawei fan An Xiangyu, who was at the venue picking up the new device.

An Xiangyu has been following the Huawei series since Huawei’s 3G era in 2011 and is known as a seasoned “geek pioneer” among loyal Huawei enthusiasts.

After recounting the developmental journey of the Huawei P series like precious treasures, he expressed, “This time we all hope to see a completely new design that will provoke thoughts and imagination.”

When An Xiangyu picked up the new device, he first showed the reporter the lenses on the back of the phone, which he referred to as the “Red Big-Eyed Cutie.”

“When you tap to take a picture, the lens with the red circle pops out with a ‘click.’ And when not in use, it retracts, giving a strong sense of ceremony, just like a DSLR camera lens,” he explained.

It was learned that the Pura series products innovatively adopt a one-inch super-focus telescopic high-definition main camera. Within the 8.4mm slim body, it houses a one-inch large sensor with the maximum F1.6 physical aperture, achieving the industry’s highest main camera light intake.

“Air-Drop Sale”: Unveiling the On-site Frenzy

“Since the Pura series was announced for sale at 10:08 a.m. today, our store’s phone has been ringing non-stop.” Store experience consultant Wang Qian informed the reporter.

It was stated that this new device release had a significant impact, leading to a notable increase in store footfall. The sales of these products belong to the “HUAWEI Pura 70 Series Pioneer Program,” and all phones have been collected by pre-booked customers, with the store’s inventory also sold out.

Wang Qian’s biggest impression from this “air-drop” sale was the unexpectedly frenzied scene. “This release was quite sudden, and initially, we thought people might not have noticed the announcement. But as soon as the news was out, the scene suddenly became bustling, something we hadn’t anticipated,” she remarked.

From Wang Qian’s interactions with consumers, it was evident that both new and longstanding Huawei fans had a very positive response to this series of products, particularly focusing on its photography features and performance.

It was mentioned that the Huawei Pura 70 series not only comes with the new HarmonyOS 4.2 system but also sees a comprehensive upgrade in the BeiDou satellite messaging function, introducing support for sending satellite image messages for the first time, in addition to supporting free editing of satellite messages and generating track maps. This provides more practical support for outdoor scenarios. (Li Dongbao)

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