Lei Jun remains ambitious! After Xiaomi SU7’s interception, he suggests considering competitor cars.

High Popularity of Xiaomi’s SU7 Car

The high popularity of Xiaomi’s SU7 car is exceptionally rare, attracting a lot of attention not only from internet users but also prompting many competitors in the automotive industry to imitate it. At present, several car companies and relevant executives have actively mentioned the Xiaomi SU7. Indeed, the allure of the Xiaomi SU7 is undeniable, breaking records in car sales and causing Xiaomi’s super factory’s production capacity for this year to be fully booked, with delivery times pushed back to the end of the year.


Delivery can only be made at the latest after 8 months. The Xiaomi SU7 is truly on fire. However, due to the extended delivery time, cases of interception of Xiaomi SU7 have emerged. Just today, there were reports by the media that Xiaomi SU7’s pre-order users were intercepted by rival companies. Rumors suggest that any Xiaomi SU7 pre-order user who buys the Zhijie S7 can offset 5000 yuan with their Xiaomi SU7 pre-order, essentially meaning that users who opt for the Zhijie S7 won’t lose the 5000 yuan pre-order deposit they had made for the Xiaomi SU7.


Regarding this interception, internet users’ opinions vary. Some consider such sales tactics normal in regular business competition, while others find it meaningless because although the 5000 yuan from Xiaomi SU7 pre-order users can be compensated, it still amounts to purchasing the Zhijie S7 at the original price. Therefore, why not opt for the Zhijie S7 directly from the start? The most useful viewpoint is that since waiting times for the Xiaomi SU7 are long, this move benefits users in a hurry.


Subsequently, Lei Jun provided an explanation on the delivery status of the Xiaomi SU7, stating that production capacity and delivery speed are rapidly increasing, with the Standard and Max versions already being delivered ahead of schedule. Detailed information will be presented at the car exhibition. Additionally, in the process of explaining deliveries, Lei Jun also mentioned: “If you are in a hurry to buy a car, domestically produced new energy vehicles are excellent choices, such as Zhijie S7, NIO ET5, Xiaopeng P7 series, and others, which you can consider purchasing.”


In conclusion, many internet users have expressed that Lei Jun’s public recommendation for urgent users to buy cars from rival companies signifies a broad-minded approach and a great vision. Comparatively, while Lei Jun’s vision is significant, users who want to buy the Xiaomi SU7 will not be swayed by the so-called 5000 yuan discount. Therefore, to improve competitiveness, it is essential to focus on product quality and development.

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