Samsung M5/M7/M8: AI, Upscale to 4K

Samsung Introduces M5/M7/M8 Monitors with Built-in AI Chips for Enhanced User Experience

On April 23rd, according to a report by 快科技 (Fast Technology), Samsung unveiled three new monitors for 2024 – M5, M7, and M8, all equipped with AI chips, significantly elevating the user’s overall experience.

In terms of hardware specifications, all three monitors excel. They feature a 60Hz refresh rate and a wide viewing angle of 178° horizontally and vertically, ensuring a smooth and immersive visual experience.

Furthermore, they all support HDR10, delivering more vivid and lifelike images. These monitors also come with WiFi 5 for wireless connectivity and Bluetooth 5.2, offering users a more flexible and convenient way to connect. By remotely connecting to the host via wireless network, users can easily switch between work and home setups.

Each of the three monitors boasts unique software features. The M8 monitor stands out with its comprehensive functionalities. It is equipped with the NQM AI chip that upscales low-quality streaming content to 4K resolution, significantly enhancing the viewing experience.

Moreover, the M8 monitor supports professional-grade intelligent sound control technology that automatically distinguishes between human voices and ambient sounds, enhancing the human voice for clearer audio during video playback or voice calls.

Not only that, the M8 monitor is specially optimized for Galaxy Buds earphones. When the earphones are connected to the monitor, users can activate the 360 audio mode. This mode adjusts the sound position based on the user’s head movement, providing a more realistic and immersive audio experience.

Regarding connectivity, all three monitors are equipped with USB and HDMI ports for easy device connections. In addition, both the M7 and M8 models come with an extra USB-C port supporting 65W PD charging, offering users more convenience and flexibility.

Furthermore, all three monitors support integration with Galaxy Watch. For instance, when users wear a Galaxy Watch during exercise, real-time data from the workout can be transferred to the monitor, allowing users to conveniently track their fitness progress.

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