Xiaomi Responds: SU7 Max Bumper Paint Issue Video Misleading

Recently, a user posted a video on a social media platform showing the paint peeling off the bumper of their Xiaomi SU7 Max, claiming it happened two days after taking delivery, sparking discussions. On the evening of April 23, the “Xiaomi Company Spokesperson” posted on Weibo in response to this issue.

Image Source: Weibo of “Xiaomi Company Spokesperson”

Xiaomi stated that after verification, the video shared by the user contained misleading information. The user was not the first owner of the vehicle, nor did they take delivery just two days prior. The paint peeling off was a result of the first owner applying a full-body color film, and the subsequent peeling off by the current user led to the paint on the bumper’s inner side peeling off, which was not a factory issue.

Xiaomi emphasized that the bumper of Xiaomi SU7 undergoes a three-layer painting process of primer, paint, and clear varnish, ensuring consistency with the vehicle’s color. However, improper application or removal of film during usage can potentially damage the paintwork.

Source: Duzhe Finance

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