At $2227, the discounted Honor phone is even more appealing than the Redmi K70.

The Honor 90 GT: A Competitive Smartphone Option

Last year, the Honor 90 GT was indeed a cost-effective smartphone when it was first launched. However, with the intensifying competition in the smartphone market, more alternative products with lower prices and higher configurations have recently emerged, leading to a relative decrease in its cost-effectiveness. Faced with competition from other brands, Honor certainly won’t choose to sit idle. Currently, the 90 GT is available for just 2227 yuan on third-party platforms, once again displaying high cost-effectiveness. Even after the price drop, the Honor 90 GT is even more appealing than the Redmi K70.

Honor 90 GT

The Honor 90 GT has attracted attention with its unique speed aesthetic and sporty design. Its race track dual-stripe GT blue color, combined with a new suede material, exudes a sense of sophistication and texture. This phone not only adopts a dual-stripe race track design on the exterior to highlight a sense of dynamism and speed, but also offers two other color options: starry black and flame gold, providing users with more choices. The low saturation of the blue color perfectly integrates with the race track design, creating a unique visual effect. The diversity in appearance and personalized design of the Honor 90 GT provides a richer selection for users pursuing fashion and individuality.

Honor 90 GT Exterior

The Honor 90 GT features a 6.7-inch OLED display, offering stunning visual effects. With a resolution of up to 2664*1200 and a pixel density of 436 PPI, as well as an equivalent RGB pixel arrangement PPI of 356, it ensures delicate and clear images. Supporting a 120Hz high refresh rate, it presents a smooth and fluid visual performance. The support of an independent display chip enables frame insertion and super-resolution, further enhancing the quality of the visuals. Additionally, the screen of the Honor 90 GT also supports a 3840Hz ultra-high frequency PWM dimming, effectively reducing flicker and providing users with a more comfortable visual experience. Even users sensitive to flicker can use it with peace of mind. This screen not only excels in detail representation but also stands out in its eye protection effects among current OLED screens.

Honor 90 GT Display

The performance of the Honor 90 GT in terms of imaging is also remarkable. It is equipped with a 50-megapixel Sony IMX906 main camera with OIS optical image stabilization, ensuring strong stability in shooting and high picture quality. The secondary camera has a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens with macro function, expanding the shooting scenarios while maintaining the picture quality. The front camera has a pixel count of 16 million, which is also top-notch among mid-range models, and after years of adjustments, it has matured and can ensure image quality.

Honor 90 GT Camera

The Honor 90 GT is equipped with a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen2 processor, providing users with outstanding performance. Whether in daily use or gaming, it delivers a smooth and seamless experience. Additionally, the phone is equipped with a 5268-square-millimeter VC liquid cooling plate, effectively enhancing the stability of performance release, allowing users to continuously enjoy the joy of high-performance experiences. However, it is somewhat regrettable that the top-tier version of the Honor 90 GT only comes with a 1TB version and is equipped with UFS4.0 flash memory, while other versions use UFS3.1 flash memory. Although the difference may not be strongly perceptible, for performance enthusiasts, this is certainly not ideal.

Honor 90 GT Performance

The Honor 90 GT is fitted with a high-capacity 5000mAh battery, providing excellent battery life so users don’t have to worry about power during use. In addition, it supports 100W fast charging technology, taking only about half an hour to complete charging, significantly reducing charging time and improving user convenience. Although the body of the Honor 90 GT is made of plastic, giving it an average feel in hand, its weight of 185g and thickness of 7.9mm make the phone remarkably lightweight and comfortable to hold. This design ensures portability while enhancing the user experience.

In summary, considering the current price, the Honor 90 GT does have certain advantages. With the price drop, the 90 GT even surpasses the Redmi K70 in terms of cost-effectiveness. Therefore, for users looking for cost-effective models with a budget of around 2000 yuan, the Honor 90 GT is definitely worth considering.

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