Vivo’s Han Baoxiao claims that the X100 Ultra cannot be cheap: everyone’s selling at a loss.

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May is just around the corner, and we’re about to witness a surge of new smartphones. Among them, the most anticipated are undoubtedly the vivo X100s series and the “Thanos” model – vivo X100 Ultra. According to CNMO, the vivo X100s and X100s Pro will undergo routine upgrades, such as replacing the Dimensity 9300 with the Dimensity 9300+. Meanwhile, as the top flagship, the vivo X100 Ultra naturally stands as the “king of specs.” According to Han Baoxiao, the product manager at vivo, the X100 Ultra will not come cheap.

Han Baoxiao Claims That the X100 Ultra Cannot Be Cheap

vivo X100 Series

Recently, the price of the vivo X100 Ultra was leaked online ahead of schedule. According to the leaked information, the vivo X100 Ultra comes in four versions. The 12GB+256GB variant is claimed to be available exclusively online, priced at 6499 yuan. The 16GB+256GB variant is priced at 6999 yuan, the 16GB+512GB variant at 7499 yuan, and the 16GB+1TB variant, which supports bidirectional satellite communication technology, is priced at 7999 yuan. It is reported that the latter three versions will be the main offline offerings.

Price Exposure of vivo X100 Ultra

vivo X100 Ultra Price Exposure

Although the above prices are only leaked information, the accuracy remains to be seen. However, the X100 Ultra holds a high position within vivo internally, so this model is certainly not going to be cheap. In response to this, Han Baoxiao, the product manager at vivo, revealed that the vivo X100 Ultra cannot be cheap. Some netizens questioned whether it could be more expensive than Xiaomi’s neighboring Mi 14 Ultra, and if vivo would also sell for 8000 yuan one day. He responded, “Why not? It was even more expensive last year. Everyone sells these kinds of products at a loss; it’s just about how much loss they can bear.”

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