Why Xiaomi’s ecosystem excels: Blogger purchases TV for Dad, replaces Sony, can’t stop.

Why Xiaomi’s Ecosystem Excels: Blogger Purchases TV for Dad, Replaces Sony, Can’t Stop


Xiaomi’s ecosystem is renowned for its strength. A blogger shared a personal experience that left a deep impression. During the Spring Festival, he bought a 75-inch Xiaomi TV for his father, replacing their years-old Sony TV. When he returned home for the May Day holiday, he found his father had purchased a Xiaomi air conditioner as well. Accustomed to using Xiao Ai voice assistant to control the TV and air conditioner, he anticipates that other old household appliances will gradually be replaced with Xiaomi products in the future.

In response, Lu Weibing reposted the aforementioned Weibo post, stating: “Building a comprehensive ecosystem for individuals, vehicles, and homes, allowing users to enjoy the beautiful life brought by technology.”

Lei Jun has repeatedly emphasized that smart driving, smart cabins, and the ecosystem will become the technological high ground for Xiaomi’s participation in the automotive competition. In October last year, Lei Jun officially announced Xiaomi’s new strategy: “Comprehensive Ecosystem for Individuals, Vehicles, and Homes.”

In Xiaomi’s vision, “individuals” refer to personal mobile computing centers, including everyone’s smartphones, computers, tablets, and wearable devices; “vehicles” represent mobile intelligent spaces; while “homes” constitute smart living spaces interconnected by a vast array of smart devices to provide a complete smart living experience.

The concept of this “comprehensive ecosystem for individuals, vehicles, and homes” aims to provide users with the most immersive smart experience through seamless interconnection and collaborative capabilities across all smart terminals.

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