Samsung S25 Series to incorporate ‘Battery AI’ technology for a 10% increase in battery life.

[CNMO Technology News] According to previous rumors, the upcoming Samsung S25 Ultra might disappoint in terms of battery, as it still features the same 5000mAh battery as the previous generation models. However, Samsung plans to boost battery life by up to 10% through a technology called “Battery AI”.

Samsung S25 Series Battery AI Technology

From its name, Battery AI seems to be an intelligent feature within the next generation Galaxy AI, aimed at extending overall runtime without compromising smartphone performance. An unnamed insider revealed that users can expect a 5%-10% increase in total runtime.

Samsung S25 Series Battery AI Technology

We’re all familiar with battery enhancement software and features, which have been around for years and are common on both smartphones and laptops. However, they often achieve this by lowering CPU and GPU frequencies to reduce power consumption. In some cases, the maximum throughput of the 5G modem is also limited, rendering these software and features almost meaningless. The aforementioned insider stated that while not delving deeply into how Battery AI will function, he believes the feature will “eliminate” unnecessary background tasks consuming system resources to provide longer battery life.

Foreign media speculates that Galaxy AI is a core part of Samsung’s marketing strategy for smartphones, thus this new addition might appear in the next flagship generation, namely the S25 series. It is speculated that the combination of Snapdragon 8 Gen4 or Exynos 2500’s NPU with Battery AI is crucial for elevating battery life to new levels.

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