Apple’s Cook Embraces AI Wave, OPPO Leads the Way

Apple CEO Tim Cook Embraces the Wave of AI with a Unique Approach

Apple CEO Tim Cook emphasized Apple’s work in generative AI during a recent conference call on the first quarter earnings report for the fiscal year 2024. He highlighted that Apple will take a different approach from other companies to ensure that Apple stands out with a competitive edge in the AI era. Additionally, he teased that Apple will soon share some very exciting news with customers.


Cook expressed his belief in the transformative power and prospects of artificial intelligence. Apple aims to seamlessly integrate hardware, software, and services into a unique combination. Rumors have suggested that Apple’s first AI features will run locally on the phone, prioritizing privacy and security. Furthermore, Apple plans to offer generative AI on its devices, with a focus on AI for the future M4 chip.

Apple actually had an early start in AI, especially with Siri being a leading product at the time. However, with the introduction of generative AI, domestic smartphone manufacturers have excelled in leveraging the capabilities of AI mega models, surpassing Apple’s Siri gradually. Domestic manufacturers have taken the lead by a large margin.


For instance, OPPO was among the first domestic manufacturers to adopt a 7-billion-parameter edge-side mega model in the OPPO Find X7 series. Therefore, Apple CEO Tim Cook’s recognition of the prospects of generative AI during the earnings call and the potential adoption of edge-side generative AI indicates that OPPO is indeed a front-runner in the industry.


Especially during this year’s Spring Festival, OPPO’s timely introduction of practical AI features like AIGC on the OPPO Find X7 series left a lasting impression on consumers. This move showcases how OPPO is leading the development of AI smartphones, possessing a certain competitive advantage. OPPO will continue to focus on AI mega model capabilities and AI smartphones in the future. This implies that OPPO will bring even better products and more user-friendly experiences in the field of AI smartphones, leaving us eagerly anticipating their future innovations.

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