Samsung to Introduce ‘Battery AI’ to the Galaxy S25 Series, Boosting Battery Life by 10%

Samsung to Introduce Battery AI to the Galaxy S25 Series, Boosting Battery Life by 10%

Samsung Battery AI

IT Home, May 6th — Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series, equipped with the Galaxy AI software suite, reportedly contributed 53% of Samsung’s operating profit in the first quarter of 2024, perhaps confirming the popularity of AI features. However, there are rumors that the upcoming Galaxy S25 Ultra will continue to use the same 5000mAh battery as its predecessor, which may disappoint in terms of battery life. Nevertheless, Samsung plans to enhance battery life by 10% through a new feature called “Battery AI.”

From its name, “Battery AI” appears to be an intelligent feature in the next generation of Galaxy AI that can extend overall runtime without affecting phone performance. Leaker PandaFlash revealed on social media that he obtained this information from an anonymous source, suggesting users can expect a 5-10% improvement in battery life.

For years, battery enhancement software has existed, with many such programs available for smartphones and tablets. However, these software often achieve power savings by reducing CPU and GPU frequencies, thereby impacting phone performance. Some software even have no effect at all, and may even limit the maximum speed of 5G networks, negating the purpose of using such applications. Although PandaFlash did not elaborate on the workings of “Battery AI,” he speculated that the feature would “eliminate” background tasks that consume system resources, thereby extending battery life.

It’s worth noting that the leaker did not explicitly state that “Battery AI” will be applied to the Galaxy S25 series. However, considering that most of his leaks are related to Samsung’s upcoming flagship products, coupled with the fact that Galaxy AI is a significant driver of Samsung’s marketing, this feature is likely to appear in the next generation models. Unlike other power-saving apps that require users to manually select and close background processes, “Battery AI” can perform this operation automatically. It is believed that the collaboration between the neural processing units (NPUs) of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 or Exynos 2500 and “Battery AI” will be crucial in enhancing battery life. Currently, detailed information is limited, and IT Home will continue to follow related developments.

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