Huawei vs Apple: Same-day Launch Clash!

Although the release of Apple’s new iPhone 16 series is still scheduled for September, Apple is set to hold its first event of the year on May 7th at 10 p.m., unveiling a range of blockbuster new products, including the all-new iPad Air, iPad Pro, and Apple Pencil. These new products not only boast improved performance but also undergo deep optimization for user experience.

Even before the event, information about these new Apple products has already been leaked. The all-new iPad Air features a more advanced metal body, making the entire device more robust and durable. It comes equipped with a high-resolution display, greatly enhancing color representation and detail rendering.

Furthermore, it will be powered by the Apple M2 chip, with different sizes available to cater to users who prefer either a smaller or larger iPad screen. The heavyweight product, however, is the new iPad Pro, rumored to feature the powerful Apple M4 processor and the first-ever OLED screen on an iPad, resulting in a thinner and lighter body.

The new iPad Pro will still come in 11-inch and 12.9-inch versions, but this time, it will undergo the most significant design update since 2018. The bezels will be narrower, and the position of the new tablet’s front camera will change from the previous vertical placement to horizontal.

Moreover, the new iPad Pro is expected to become Apple’s first AI device. The new Apple Pencil is also impressive, featuring haptic feedback that allows users to feel the vibration of the “paper” when writing or drawing. It supports wireless charging, allowing users to conveniently charge it by placing it in the magnetic charging area of the iPad Pro.

Interestingly, Huawei has recently announced that they will also hold a product launch event on May 7th, directly competing with Apple! In terms of products, Huawei’s lineup is also quite diverse, including new wearable devices, the all-new MateBook series laptops, and the all-new MatePad series tablets.

In addition to hardware products, reports suggest that Huawei will unveil a brand-new self-developed tablet drawing software called “Born to Draw App,” which not only brings a rich variety of brushes but also offers a series of powerful drawing features, making it easy for ordinary people to create. With both Huawei’s new Mate Pad tablets and Apple’s iPad Air/Pro featuring their respective self-developed systems, HarmonyOS and iPadOS, respectively, who will come out stronger? Let’s wait and see!

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