Report: iPhone’s foldable screen can bend both ways; OPPO’s Zhou Yibao argues that outward folding is pointless and predicts it will disappear within 3 years.

Apple’s Foldable Screen Patent Revealed: Innovating Dual-Folding Design

On May 8th, according to Fast Technology, a patent from Apple detailing a foldable screen has recently emerged. Its most intriguing aspect lies in its unique hinge design, enabling both inward and outward folding.

As widely acknowledged, current mainstream foldable smartphones either fold inward or outward unilaterally. Apple’s new patent explores a dual-folding solution.

Foldable Screen Patent

In response, Zhou Yibao from OPPO pointed out that outward folding smartphones are nonsensical, with costs outweighing benefits. Currently, outward folding screens are gradually fading from the industry and will completely disappear within three years.

Zhou Yibao explained that while inward and outward folding may seem similar, the issue of bulkiness with inward folding can be addressed with technological advancements. However, the quality issues associated with outward folding cannot be resolved through technological developments.

Zhou Yibao from OPPO

This is because the most fragile part of foldable screens is the flexible display that can bend. By exposing it directly, even a slight knock can result in bright spots or lines, which is no longer just a technological issue but a physical one. This cannot be quickly resolved, and based on this alone, outward folding seems impractical.

Foldable Screen Fragility

Zhou Yibao's Argument


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