New iPad Pro Launches: Most Powerful Yet with M4 Chip

Apple Unveils New iPad Pro with M4 Chip at “Let It Fly” Special Event

New iPad Pro Launch

In the early hours, Apple hosted a special event titled “Let It Fly,” announcing a range of products including the new iPad Air, iPad Pro, and introducing the brand-new M4 chip.

According to Apple, the M4 chip, debuting with the new iPad Pro, boasts 4 high-performance cores and 6 efficiency cores in its CPU section, marking a 50% performance increase compared to the M2.

Moreover, it features 10 cores in its GPU, delivering a staggering 4x improvement in overall rendering performance over the M2, while consuming half the power, maintaining performance equivalent to the M2.

Additionally, the M4 introduces several new features to the iPad series for the first time, such as dynamic cache, hardware-accelerated grid shading, and ray tracing.

On other fronts, the M4 chip integrates the most advanced media processing engine ever seen in an iPad, supporting AV1 decoding, ensuring a high-resolution video playback experience with greater energy efficiency.

Furthermore, equipped with Apple’s most powerful neural network engine to date, it can execute up to 3.8 trillion operations per second, a 60x increase in speed compared to the A11.

New iPad Pro Launch

According to Apple, with the support of the M4 chip, the overall performance of the new iPad Pro has quadrupled compared to its predecessor, and increased tenfold compared to the first generation.

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