Samsung S25 Surprise Battery Life, AI Boosts by 10%

According to sources, Samsung is about to introduce a brand new AI battery feature in its smartphones. The source didn’t specify which model would first feature this function, but it’s highly likely to debut in the Galaxy S25 series.

Reportedly, the AI battery feature can increase battery life by 5%-10% without sacrificing any performance, resulting in a noticeable improvement in smartphone endurance.

Samsung AI Battery Boost

The AI battery intelligently identifies and “clears” background tasks that consume system resources, thus extending battery life without compromising user experience. It seems similar to current optimizations, all aimed at conserving power by judiciously allocating system resources and intelligently controlling processor frequency.

However, the AI battery will utilize the NPU for power saving, which may differ from existing power-saving technologies in implementation.

The addition of the AI battery feature is certainly exciting, but it also raises concerns that Samsung may stagnate in battery capacity. The Samsung Galaxy S Ultra series has been using a 5000mAh battery for several generations, which used to provide a sense of security. However, in today’s smartphone market, consumers are no longer satisfied, especially since 5500mAh batteries are becoming commonplace in high-end models.

It’s unlikely that the battery specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S25 series will be upgraded, with the Galaxy S25 Ultra probably sticking with a 5000mAh battery and a fast charging specification of 45W. Therefore, the AI battery feature is crucial for extending its endurance support.

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