Xiaomi Car Debut Date, Official Responds

When Can We Expect to See Xiaomi Cars at Xiaomi Stores? Official Response

Tech News, January 8th – Following the launch of the Xiaomi car model SU7, its dazzling design and powerful performance have many enthusiasts eager to get behind the wheel.

It is understood that Xiaomi Stores are set to undertake the task of selling and servicing Xiaomi cars in the future, similar to how Bestune cars are displayed in Huawei’s offline stores.

But when will Xiaomi cars make their appearance in Xiaomi Stores? Xiaomi has responded to this question today.

Xiaomi stated, “After the official release of the Xiaomi SU7, we plan to provide real car experiences in Xiaomi Stores across key cities nationwide. We are actively preparing for this and ask everyone to please be patient for a while longer.”

According to the plan, the production and launch of the Xiaomi SU7 are expected to happen in the first half of 2024. This means that in the first half of this year, people will be able to experience and even test-drive Xiaomi cars at Xiaomi Stores.

Xiaomi also mentioned that initially, only Xiaomi Stores in key cities nationwide, which are mainly first and second-tier cities, will offer the experience. Smaller cities and towns are not expected to have this opportunity in the first round.

With Xiaomi’s ultimate goal being to see Xiaomi cars zooming down every street around the world, it is anticipated that Xiaomi cars will eventually be displayed in more Xiaomi Stores.

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