Apple & Huawei, Xiaomi & Honor, OPPO & vivo Clash in Blind Test

A Blind Test Reveals the Winning Smartphone for Imaging

The battle for the top spot in the field of flagship smartphones currently revolves around imaging. There has never been a definitive answer to the question of which brand offers the best imaging capabilities. This is because different people have different standards, and only professionals can provide a comprehensive evaluation from a technical perspective. So, what is the outcome of the blind test for the current leading imaging models from Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, Honor, Vivo, and OPPO?

Blind Test

On January 18, a well-known Chinese tech media outlet, “Jifeng Network”, released a video featuring a blind test of the imaging capabilities of Huawei Mate 60 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, Xiaomi 14 Pro, OPPO Find X7 Ultra, Honor Magic6 Pro, and vivo X100 Pro. The test also included a comparison with two professional cameras.

The blind test involved capturing over 1000 photos, from which 44 representative samples were selected for the evaluation. The samples were rated based on six categories: daytime scenery, micro-landscape, style and color, night scenery and lighting, outdoor portraits, and other portraits.

Sample Categories

The results of the blind test revealed that the Honor Magic6 Pro scored the highest with 325 points, followed by the Huawei Mate 60 Pro with 320 points. Excluding the two professional cameras, the vivo X100 Pro ranked third with 285 points, OPPO Find X7 Ultra followed in fourth place with 272 points, Xiaomi 14 Pro claimed the fifth spot with 230 points, and the iPhone 15 Pro Max trailed behind with only 213 points.

It’s important to note that, like the smartphones, the two professional cameras were also set to fully automatic mode with no adjustments made to any parameters. Additionally, all the smartphones used in the blind test captured images with a single click, and no post-processing was applied. Hence, it’s reasonable for the professional cameras to have scored lower. This outcome may be quite unexpected for most people.


Commenting on the results of this blind test, the CMO of Honor in China, Jiang Hairong, stated, “Honor is not afraid of comparisons. The imaging capabilities of Honor’s smartphones have always been evaluated as ‘never losing in blind tests or public opinion’. We hope that everyone can experience the pioneering imaging capabilities of the Honor Magic6 series in person at the store, and we look forward to everyone sharing their wonderful works!”

In fact, for the average user, any of these smartphones can meet their needs. The evaluation of imaging by ordinary users mainly relies on their subjective impressions, while professionals analyze it from the aspects of image quality, exposure, composition, and other technical considerations.

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