TSMC on 1nm Factory Site Rumors: Open to All Possibilities

TSMC Plans to Build Advanced 1nm Chip Manufacturing Factory in Taiwan

On January 22nd, it was reported by United Daily News in Taiwan that after thorough evaluation, TSMC has ultimately decided to locate its most advanced 1nm chip manufacturing plant in the Chiayi Science Park, with a total investment exceeding a trillion New Taiwan dollars (approximately 229 billion RMB).

In response to this rumor, TSMC stated that the selection of the factory location involves various considerations. TSMC primarily bases its operations in Taiwan, and does not rule out any possibilities, continuously collaborating with authorities to assess suitable semiconductor factory sites.

During the IEDM 2023 conference held last month, TSMC outlined its plan to provide chip packaging routes that include 1 trillion transistors, a plan similar to Intel’s disclosed strategy last year.

To achieve this goal, the company reiterated its commitment to the 2nm N2 and N2P production nodes, as well as the 1.4nm A14 and 1nm A10 manufacturing processes, expected to be completed by 2030.

Additionally, TSMC expects advancements in packaging technologies (such as CoWoS, InFO, and SoIC), which will enable the construction of large-scale multi-chip solutions with over 1 trillion transistors by around 2030.

As previously reported by IT Home, TSMC revealed during the conference that its research and development on the 1.4nm manufacturing process is already underway. Simultaneously, TSMC reaffirmed that the 2nm process is scheduled to begin mass production in 2025.

Earlier reports also suggested that TSMC plans to build 5 new wafer fabs in the Hsinchu Science Park and the Nanzih Science Park in Kaohsiung. The construction of the first fab has already commenced, with plans to install the first equipment before January 2025, while the groundbreaking for the second fab in the park is expected to take place soon.

[Source: IT Home]

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