Experience AI Magic with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series – Transform Your Smartphone Interaction

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series: Redefining the Smartphone Experience with Galaxy AI

The highly anticipated high-end flagship series, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24, has recently been officially unveiled. The new generation of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series not only embodies Samsung’s innovative genes but also, with the help of Galaxy AI, opens a new chapter in the smartphone interaction experience, empowering users to better connect with the world and enjoy the efficiency and potential brought by artificial intelligence in their lives.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series

Whether it’s negotiating with foreign partners online or making phone reservations for local services while traveling abroad, breaking the “language barrier” is essential. In this regard, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, based on Galaxy AI, has built a more boundaryless communication bridge, allowing users to effortlessly break through language barriers and accurately convey information to each other. For example, during calls, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series is equipped with in-call real-time translation in the native calling app, providing both two-way voice and text translation during calls. Moreover, this feature is implemented based on on-device AI, ensuring the privacy and security of the conversation. As a result, whether traveling abroad or negotiating with foreign colleagues, users can do so with greater ease and fluency.

Language Translation Feature

For users with mobile office needs, the built-in writing assistant in the Samsung Galaxy S24 series is an indispensable tool. This feature recommends appropriate tones based on different application scenarios and can proofread the text written by the user. For instance, whether a user wants to describe work progress in concise sentences or create an attention-grabbing title for a social media post, they can use the writing assistant to maximize productivity. In addition, the AI translation feature built into the Samsung keyboard module supports up to 13 languages, making communication simpler and more efficient by translating information, emails, and other content.

Writing Assistant and AI Translation

To further enhance the experience in specific scenarios such as office work and study, Galaxy AI is also integrated into the Samsung Notes application to create more practical productivity tools for users. For instance, the note assistant in the Samsung Notes application can intelligently create templates that match the user’s needs, such as templates for meeting minutes or class notes. Once the user has completed the text editing, the note assistant can intelligently generate a cover with a brief summary, significantly saving the user’s time in searching or retrieving information. The transcription assistant in the voice recording function is equipped with voice-to-text technology, enabling easy recognition and accurate transcription of recordings, whether it’s a multi-person meeting or a sudden inspiration recorded in voice, and can even translate the recorded content, making it more convenient for users to share or edit it later.

Samsung Notes and Transcription Assistant

Online search is a frequently used function in people’s daily lives. Previously, users had to rely on search engines to access relevant content. Now, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series’ innovative “circle and search” feature has simplified traditional mobile searches with a simple operation. With this revolutionary experience, users no longer need to switch to third-party apps or exert effort in entering keywords. They can simply long-press the Home button, circle, highlight, draw on, or tap the object on the screen to instantly get search results, enjoying a seamless and convenient experience of searching for information. For example, when users come across a desirable fashion item on social media, they can use “circle and search” to find product-related information.

Circle and Search Feature

It’s worth mentioning that Galaxy AI combines local and cloud AI to provide users with a more intelligent mobile experience. The local model can respond quickly, while the cloud-based large model conducts extensive data mining. The combination of local and cloud AI complements each other according to different usage scenarios, deeply empowering communication, office work, entertainment, and other scenarios, allowing users to fully experience the boundless charm of AI.

In the context of digital development, the implementation of AI in smartphones is an inevitable trend. It’s either staying up-to-date or being rewritten by the era. As a leader in the smartphone industry, Samsung has undoubtedly chosen the former. With the outstanding performance of Galaxy AI, the new generation of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series not only sets high-end flagship standards for the industry once again but is also set to usher in a new wave of AI smartphones.

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