Advanced Privacy, MagicOS 8.0

Advanced Privacy Features of Honor MagicOS 8.0

It’s well known that in the era of smart information and big data, personal privacy and security have become increasingly hot topics of concern for every mobile phone user. In response to the escalating demand for privacy and security protection, the official introduction of the privacy protection features of the Honor Magic6 series equipped with MagicOS 8.0 aims to empower users to “refuse privacy leakage and avoid becoming ‘transparent’.”

Advanced Privacy MagicOS 8.0

Recently, @Honor mobile once again used detailed graphics to showcase the highlights of the all-new Honor MagicOS 8.0 system in terms of user security. They stated, “#HonorMagic6# series, equipped with the new #HonorMagicOS# 8.0, safeguards every aspect of your life! Easy access to parallel space, no confusion between daily and work notes; interception of ‘shake to shake’ ads, smooth and unhindered app browsing; side-aware AI fraud detection, exposing the true nature of fraudulent activities.”

Advanced Privacy MagicOS 8.0

In fact, on the previous International Data Privacy Day, Honor also used visual graphics to introduce the privacy protection and personal information security features of the Honor Magic system to users. It introduced unique Magic models to further enhance security protection, bringing thoughtful features such as parallel space, calendar isolation, and privacy reports, providing consumers with an upgraded security protection experience.

Advanced Privacy MagicOS 8.0

For instance, some apps may access users’ self-built schedules in their phones to provide “personalized recommendations,” posing a risk of privacy leakage. In response, the “calendar isolation” feature brought by Honor MagicOS allows users to autonomously select the scope of app access to schedules, avoiding the disclosure of personal schedules. Additionally, many apps require access to location services for precise location-based recommendations, but this also carries privacy risks. The “blurred location” function brought by MagicOS effectively prevents “tracking.”

Advanced Privacy MagicOS 8.0

Furthermore, the issue of apps frequently requesting excessive permissions is a common source of frustration for many mobile users and a major cause of personal information leakage. It is claimed that MagicOS has developed the “minimal permission recommendation” feature. According to the official statements, this feature can automatically analyze non-essential permissions used by an app when it is opened for the first time and match the app with minimal authorization for the user. This allows users to control the collection of non-essential privacy permissions by apps without affecting their normal usage.

Advanced Privacy MagicOS 8.0

Previously, Honor MagicOS introduced the “parallel space” feature to meet the high privacy demands of individuals such as government officials and business personnel. The parallel space runs parallel and independently with the phone’s native system, allowing sensitive data to be stored in the parallel space. The parallel space capability of Honor MagicOS is more powerful, supporting note isolation and enabling the transfer of images and files through “AnyLink” into the parallel space, providing a more convenient experience.

Advanced Privacy MagicOS 8.0

Additionally, MagicOS’s privacy report and repair mode enable users to proactively identify risks associated with their phone, not only preventing potential threats but also facilitating the one-touch resolution of risks, ensuring a balance between security and convenience.

Particularly considerate is the powerful “repair mode,” which isolates user data and hides important entries such as photo albums and contacts. This ensures that anyone who handles the phone during repairs only has access to a basics system, preventing the viewing of the user’s photos or payment applications. Additionally, Honor MagicOS not only becomes “increasingly user-friendly” with use but also comprehensively ensures user privacy and security, truly functioning as a user-centric “security guardian.”

At the previous Honor MagicOS 8.0 launch event and developer conference, Honor officially unveiled its independently developed edge-side Magic model. According to the official statements, this model can deeply learn user behavior, understand user needs, and becomes more user-friendly with use. It can more effectively train user personal data, enabling precise understanding of user intent, providing Honor MagicOS 8.0 with powerful intent recognition and service capabilities, achieving a leap from perceptiveness to cognition. Importantly, the edge-side model ensures that user data remains on the device, enhancing privacy and security.

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