Huawei Mate60 Hits 30M Sales?

Huawei Mate60 Global Sales Exceed 30 Million Units

On January 30, “Huawei Mate60’s global sales exceed 30 million units” surged to the top of the trending list, becoming the focus of heated discussions across the internet. As of the time of writing, it has garnered 1549 discussions and 30.77 million views. As a tech blogger who focuses on data, seeing such figures at first seems unbelievable, and the fact that it has sparked widespread discussion is truly amusing.

Huawei Mate60

According to data from the authoritative organization BCI, Huawei’s domestic phone activations in 2023 reached 32.07 million units, with a market share of 12%, ranking sixth in the domestic smartphone rankings. If the claim of Huawei Mate60’s global sales exceeding 30 million units is true, it would imply that the sales of other Huawei models amount to at most 240.7 million units. Do you think such a distribution of data is reasonable?

Huawei Mate60 Sales

If you haven’t spotted the issue yet, let’s take a look at the sales rankings for the fourth quarter: Huawei’s phone activations reached 114.657 million units, ranking third with a market share of 15.3%, marking a 79.3% year-on-year growth. The Huawei Mate60 series was released on August 30 and had a sales period of about four months in 2023, three of which fall within the fourth quarter. If the claim of the Huawei Mate60 series surpassing 30 million units in sales is true, then the sales for the Mate60 series in the fourth quarter should be at least around 20 million units. However, the entire Q4 activation volume was only 114.657 million units.

Huawei Mate60 Sales Statistics

To uncover the truth, Qiji found the article mentioning the foreign media outlet that was referred to in the post. After visiting the website, it was found that the original article, when translated, stated: “At the same time, another report claimed that since its sudden release in August 2023, the Huawei Mate 60 devices have sold 30 million units.” Based on past experiences, it is highly likely that the foreign media saw the unsubstantiated statements of a “tech guru” in China, believed them to be true, and then wrote this article based on vague sources.

GSMArena Report

Fortunately, most tech bloggers have critiqued and debunked this fake data, with some even criticizing and correcting such behavior. If allowed to spread, such falsely inflated data could indeed have a significantly negative impact on Huawei, which is the main reason why Qiji wrote this article. Another reason is to criticize a certain tech media outlet. It can be somewhat forgiven when an average netizen makes such a mistake, but it’s truly hard to comprehend when a professional tech media outlet commits such a basic error.

Huawei Mate60 Sales Commentary

Qiji’s Words:

Regarding the trending topic of Huawei Mate60’s global sales surpassing 30 million units, here’s Qiji’s take: Just like many others, Qiji genuinely wished that this data was true. However, the line between hope and reality is definite. We must adhere to the principle of “seeking truth from facts” when facing such matters. If Qiji weren’t interested in tech, upon seeing such a trending topic, he’d probably also assist in sharing and propagating it. Isn’t it somewhat frightening to think about? After all, it’s impossible for us to be experts in every industry.

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