Huawei Star Device Confirmed

Exciting Developments in Huawei’s Mobile Phones

It’s truly hard to imagine how much Huawei’s smartphones have evolved in recent years. Whether it’s the departure of the Honor phones or the restrictions on Kirin 5G chips, these factors have made it challenging for Huawei to thrive in the market.

However, what’s surprising is that Huawei has not given up on development. Nowadays, its new devices, from the Huawei Mate60 series to the Huawei Nova12 series, have been achieving great success.

The key point is that Huawei’s innovations won’t come to a halt. They are set to bring many more surprises, especially with the pure Harmony and Star devices.

It seems that in the upcoming smartphone market, the vacancy left by Honor phones will be filled by the Star devices, making the smartphone market exceptionally vibrant.


It is reported that Huawei is preparing a major move, introducing its new sub-brand. From the trademarks applied for, a new sub-brand named “Star” is in the works.

It is said that it will follow a similar approach to the early days of Honor, focusing on online sales, a cost-effective route, positioning within the price range of around 1500-3500, and including many flagship-level features.

If this indeed materializes, it would not be good news for other manufacturers because Huawei has already begun expanding its presence in the market.

After all, the popularity of Huawei smartphones in the past did not solely rely on the Mate series, Nova series, and P series. The Honor phones under its umbrella have also contributed significantly.


This means that if the Star devices are successfully launched with a focus on cost-effectiveness, Huawei is likely to quickly reclaim its position in the global top three.

Although in 2023, the top five global smartphone sales ranking were Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, and Transsion, with Huawei not making the list.

But in the first week of 2024, Huawei topped the sales charts domestically, with its new devices gradually gaining momentum.

The Star devices, once unveiled, will create a new wave of high popularity, making a strong impact on Huawei’s new phones.


Moreover, Huawei’s development isn’t stopping. Besides the Star devices, Huawei’s pure HarmonyOS is also in the works, with a developer preview already available.

It is understood that the HarmonyOS NEXT developer preview offers a good experience, with reports of smooth interruption animations, fast response times, and apps like WPS Office, Happy Mahjong, Himalaya, and 360 Browser already adapted for the HarmonyOS NEXT developer preview.

As time goes on, more ecosystem devices will be strengthened, enhancing user experience significantly.


Furthermore, many users are concerned about the ecosystem of the pure HarmonyOS. However, all vendors adapting Harmony-native apps have switched to the Hap format. Apps without adaptation will run on virtual machines.

This means that even if an app is not adapted to HarmonyOS, it can still be used on Huawei devices through a virtual machine, albeit with slightly decreased performance.

For enthusiasts wanting to explore new features, this is good news as it ensures essential apps can still be accessed after trying out something new.

So, for those eager to explore, they can look forward to the true performance of pure HarmonyOS, which may significantly disrupt the smartphone market.


The key point is that once the Huawei Star devices are launched, they will most likely leverage the pure HarmonyOS system for a strong impact and drive in the future market.

This will lead to a substantial increase in the number of devices running on the pure HarmonyOS, fostering ecosystem development and setting the stage for excellent market growth in the future.

Of course, for those interested in experiencing HarmonyOS, it is advisable to proceed with caution. The developer preview is predominantly for app developers for testing purposes, and apart from some system apps, all other apps will be removed.

For users with important data, it’s not recommended to upgrade for the testing experience, as encountering issues could be troublesome.


In conclusion, whether it’s Huawei Star or pure HarmonyOS, they signify a return to Huawei’s rhythm, paving the way for a future marked by high enthusiasm.

Now the question arises, do you think Star can replace the once popular Honor phones? Feel free to share your thoughts and join the discussion.

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