Top AI Phone: Dimensity 9300

AI Benchmark Releases Top AI Performance Rankings for Mobile Devices and Chips

On January 18th, TechNews reported that AI Benchmark unveiled the rankings for AI performance on mobile devices and AI chips.

The MediaTek Dimensity 9300 claimed the top spot on both the mobile device and chip rankings, establishing itself as the most powerful AI smartphone chip.

According to the rankings, the top three devices—OPPO Find X7, vivo X100 Pro, and vivo X100—all feature the Dimensity 9300 chip.

Simultaneously, the Dimensity 9300 chip itself secured the top spot on the chip ranking list, outperforming its competitors and showcasing its robust AI capabilities.

Top AI Phone - Dimensity 9300

It is known that the Dimensity 9300 is equipped with MediaTek’s seventh-generation AI processor APU 790, with integer and floating-point computing capabilities doubled compared to the previous generation, while reducing power consumption by 45%. The APU 790 also features a hardware-level generative AI engine for faster and more secure edge AI computing, deeply optimized for accelerating operators with Transformer models, providing 8 times faster processing speed than the previous generation, capable of generating images within one second.

MediaTek’s INT4 quantization technology, combined with its unique memory hardware compression technology, enables more efficient use of memory bandwidth, significantly reducing the memory footprint of large AI models on terminals, supporting terminals to run AI large language models with parameters ranging from 1 billion to 330 billion, such as text-to-text, text-to-image, and image-to-image generative AI applications.

There is a consensus in the industry that generative AI is the future trend for smartphones. The Dimensity 9300 has taken the lead by incorporating advanced AI technology and powerful AI performance, making it the top choice for the most potent AI smartphone.

Top AI Phone - Dimensity 9300 - Image 1

Top AI Phone - Dimensity 9300 - Image 2

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