Vivo Pad 3 Debuts with Dimensity 9300 CPU

Last year, in the second half, MediaTek launched the Dimensity 9300 processor targeting the flagship market. In terms of performance and power efficiency, it reached a considerably high level, comparable to the Snapdragon 8 Gen3 processor, and has been well received by many flagship smartphones. However, the Dimensity 9300 processor was not previously used in tablets. Looking ahead to 2024, some manufacturers have chosen to incorporate the Dimensity 9300 processor into tablets. Currently, Vivo’s tablet, the Vivo Pad 3, has been certified and officially entered the market. It is reported that this tablet will be the first product to be equipped with the Dimensity 9300 processor.

Vivo’s device with the codename “PA2473” has already obtained 3C certification and sales permission. Most likely, this device will be the Vivo Pad 3. Compared to other tablets, the standout feature of this tablet is the utilization of MediaTek’s latest Dimensity 9300 processor, ensuring enhanced performance. The Dimensity 9300 employs an octa-core design, with four powerful cores at 3.25GHz Cortex-X4, and four 2.0GHz A720 cores, significantly boosting CPU performance compared to its predecessor. Additionally, the GPU uses the ARM G720 architecture, with a maximum frequency of 1.3GHz. While these processors in the mobile domain may face certain limitations, tablets, with better heat dissipation design, enable manufacturers to unleash the full potential of the processor, thus showcasing superior performance compared to smartphones.

It is expected that the Dimensity 9300 processor will demonstrate better performance on tablets, given MediaTek’s proven track record in engineering efficiency. Furthermore, the tablet supports 66W fast charging without any specific additional features mentioned. The Vivo Pad 2 features a 12.1-inch screen with a 2.8K resolution and 144Hz refresh rate, running on Vivo’s specially crafted OriginOS 3 system. Anticipated improvements in AI performance in this new Vivo Pad 3 generation will enhance the intelligence of the tablet, catering to users’ increasing expectations.

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