Xiaomi & Huawei Hike Prices!

Huawei’s Rise in the Smartphone Market

It’s undeniable that Huawei smartphones are truly exceptional, deserving to be described as top-notch. Despite facing some controversies, their strength is unquestionable.

On one hand, the Kirin processor is undeniably a strong selling point. On the other, the development of Huawei’s HarmonyOS system has shown good competitive value.

Moreover, Huawei’s new phones are not lagging behind. Various sources indicate that Huawei secured the top spot in mid-2024 in terms of sales volume.

The focus now shifts to the upcoming rapid development, especially with the Huawei P70 series. Prices are becoming clearer now, signaling the arrival of a new wave of popularity.


Reports suggest that the pricing of the Huawei P70 series will bring surprises. While the Huawei Mate60 series introduced many selling points upon release, it was priced a bit on the higher side.

According to leaked data, the pricing of the Huawei P70 series will be slightly lower. Although the difference is not significant, it’s evident that the P70 will be priced lower than the Mate60.

To provide a comparison, the Huawei Mate60 is priced at 5499 yuan for the standard version, 6499 yuan for the Pro version, 8999 yuan for the Pro+ version, and 11999 yuan for the RS Master edition.

On the contrary, the Huawei P60 starts at just 4488 yuan. If the leaks are accurate, the Huawei P70 is expected to increase in price by a few hundred yuan.


Compared to the Huawei P60 series, the prices of the Huawei P70 series are likely to see an upward trend. However, in comparison to the Mate60 series, the prices are expected to be slightly lower.

The reasons behind the price hike of the Huawei P70 series are quite simple. Firstly, Huawei is still in the process of pushing boundaries which incurs high costs related to self-research and development.

For instance, the Kirin 9000S processor has consumed significant resources from Huawei and there have been rumors that the P70 series will feature the Kirin 9000SH processor, offering approximately a 20% performance boost compared to the 9000S processor, leading to notable daily user surprises.


The system is another strong selling point. Huawei has dedicated huge efforts to its HarmonyOS system and plans to upgrade it to the Harmony Star River version.

Compared to the standard version, the Huawei Harmony Star River version has completely self-developed foundations, removing traditional Linux kernels and AOSP Android open-source project codes, resulting in a promising user experience.

It’s worth mentioning that apart from price-related news, there are significant changes anticipated in the Huawei P70 series that can be described as remarkable.


For example, the standard version is expected to feature a 6.58-inch small-sized screen, while the high-end version will have a 6.8-inch large-sized screen supporting high refresh rates and high-frequency eye protection dimming technology.

Both screens will offer a 1.5K resolution, adopt a deep micro-curve design, and have slight curves on all four edges for a better tactile experience.

Photography will be a major focus, with the Huawei P70 equipped with an OV50H main camera using a physically variable aperture solution, fulfilling regular photography needs easily.

Moreover, the Huawei P70 Pro and Art versions are set to feature a one-inch large bottom lens from Sony, coupled with XMAGE imaging technology for excellent results.


Additionally, the Huawei P70 series will support satellite communication technology for a smoother communication experience, upgrading the existing satellite call technology.

In terms of battery life, it is expected to house a 5000mAh battery, supporting 88W wired fast charging and 50W wireless reverse charging.

Network-wise, 5G support is evident. However, the devices might not display the network emblem considering the current circumstances.

Importantly, the Huawei P70 series is unlikely to overshadow the Huawei Mate60 series, as they cater to different market segments.


In conclusion, it has been rumored that the Xiaomi 14 Ultra will also see a price increase, sparking discussions. With the Huawei P70 series following suit, it is also likely to stir debates.

Now, the question arises – what are your expectations for the Huawei P70 series? Feel free to share your thoughts and engage in discussions.

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