Meizu announces halt in development

Meizu Announcement: Ceasing Smartphone Development

A Major Announcement in the Smartphone Industry!

Recently, the well-known brand Meizu proclaimed the halt of traditional smartphone development projects. This news has sparked widespread attention and discussions within the industry.

In their official WeChat post, Meizu expressed that with the lengthening replacement cycle of smartphones in the global market, limited space for innovative consumption, and the intensification of cutthroat competition in the industry, the smartphone sector is facing unprecedented challenges. Simultaneously, relying solely on hardware upgrades and parameter competitions in smartphone products can no longer meet the diversified and comprehensive usage demands and experiences of the vast consumer base. The industry urgently needs to seek new sustainable development directions.

Meizu has decided to go All in AI, ceasing traditional smartphone new projects and wholeheartedly investing in AI For New Generations, stepping into the broad prospects of the AI technology wave. Through a three-year ecological layout and technological accumulation, Meizu will gradually realize the All in AI vision.

Many netizens expressed:

“It’s too sudden.”

Their first smartphone was a Meizu.

Other netizens mentioned:

“Let’s switch tracks and move forward.”

A Meizu insider mentioned that stopping the development of new traditional smartphones does not mean they will no longer launch phone-shaped products in the future, but rather incorporating AI solutions into upcoming products, creating a completely different interactive experience from traditional smartphones.

In a period where the global smartphone replacement cycle is elongated and smartphones are facing innovation bottlenecks, AI has become a common transformation direction for smartphone manufacturers.

In fact, on the same day as Meizu’s official announcement, OPPO‘s founder and CEO Chen Mingyong released an internal memo stating that AI smartphones will become the third stage of phones after feature phones and smartphones. OPPO is fully prepared and has established a dedicated AI center, concentrating resources towards AI.

In reality, the “battle” of AI smartphones was ignited last year. Manufacturers like Honor, OPPO, vivo, and others have successively launched smartphones with large models containing 70 billion training parameters. From a user experience perspective, the most significant changes are seen in innovation in interaction and applications, such as AI call summary functions, document-to-image features, and more.

However, this is evidently not the ultimate form of AI smartphones. Besides application innovations, whether the intrinsic form of smartphones, interaction modes, and even the profit models of smartphone manufacturers will lead to a genuine revolution is the biggest expectation from the outside world regarding the AI smartphone era. This will also be the challenge for Meizu and all smartphone manufacturers.

Source: China Economic Net, Interface News, Meizu Official Weibo, User Comments

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