Meizu 21 Pro launches Feb 29, Yang Yan guest stars

Meizu Teases Launch of Meizu 21 Pro Smartphone

After @Meizu Technology, Meizu Technology’s Assistant Vice President Wan Zhiqiang (@Yipi Laowan), and Chairman and CEO of Star Geese Meizu Group @Shen Ziyu successively announced the news of the upcoming product launch event with the theme “Passionate Love, Journey Together through Mountains and Seas, February 29th, Zhuhai · Changqin Island, embark on a lasting commitment, welcoming Meizu fans back home,” the official announcement was made recently disclosing that the long-speculated Meizu 21 Pro would also make its debut at this event. Additionally, former President of the Flyme Business Unit @Yang Yan will appear at the event as a special guest. Moreover, the official announcement poster for the first time revealed the real front photo of the Meizu 21 Pro.

@Meizu Technology recently announced, “February 29th, 19:00, Meizu special event, special guest speaker: @Yang Yan. Welcome back, old Meizu friends! #MeizuSpecialEventFeb29# #Meizu21PRO#”. “Three days later, #Meizu21PRO# offers you the one-handed grip feel that is hard to find within a 6.79-inch screen. February 29th, 19:00, Meizu special event, watch the live broadcast on the whole network.” According to the official preview poster, the new front design of the Meizu 21 Pro still adopts a centered single-hole full screen design, with well-controlled borders on both sides of the screen, and supports one-handed operation.

Recently, Meizu had announced the cessation of traditional “smartphone” new projects, transitioning towards the AI field, causing speculations on whether the Meizu 21 Pro would be launched according to plan. Additionally, the official statement mentioned that currently, with the lengthening replacement cycle of the global smartphone market, limited consumer innovation space, and worsening industry competition, the smartphone industry is facing unprecedented challenges. Relying solely on hardware upgrades and parameter competition can no longer meet the diverse and comprehensive usage needs and experiences of the majority of consumers. The industry urgently needs to find a new direction for sustainable development.

Subsequently, @Shen Ziyu expressed on Weibo, “I think Meizu 21 PRO has many advanced AI concepts, capable of surpassing Xiaomi 14 Ultra and Huawei Pocket 2, giving all Meizu fans an explanation and marking a perfect end to the Meizu smartphone era. It is worth noting that the Meizu special event has a visual theme of “O.” In fact, “O” serves as both a period and a beginning, representing Meizu’s fond farewell to the past traditional smartphone era and also symbolizing Meizu’s entry into the new AI technology era, demonstrating determination and courage to face challenges at a new starting point.

As per the plan, in 2024, Meizu will update its smartphone operating system aimed at the AI era, establishing the basic infrastructure capabilities of the AI era operating system. Additionally, Meizu’s first AI Device hardware product will be officially launched within this year and will compete directly with the world’s top AI Device manufacturers. With the arrival of the Meizu special event, Meizu will fully embrace AI technology, integrating it into product innovation, user experience, and various services, providing users with a multi-terminal, all-scenario, immersive fusion experience.

Furthermore, former Meizu executive @Li Nan or kkk previously released a spy photo of the front of Meizu 21 Pro, stating, “Meizu 21 PRO has been playing with some advanced AI concepts for a while now, it’s a good product. But if it is released on February 29th, priced at over 5000, choosing not to release it might be the right decision… because whether it can compete with the following two products #Xiaomi14UltraLaunchEvent# and #HuaweiPocket2#, is really hard to say.” From the current official announcements and leaked photos revealing the real machine image of the Meizu 21 Pro, its appearance resembles an iteration of the Meizu 20 INFINITY Unlimited Edition.

Previously, there were rumors circulating online that the new Meizu 21 Pro, with the model numbers M481Q and M481S, had already obtained all three certifications and was only awaiting its release. According to the certification screenshots, the device supports fast charging up to 80W and is produced by Lianyu Technology. Blogger @DigitalChillStation mentioned at that time that it would feature a “very rare” 2K screen and a large area ultrasonic fingerprint recognition. In terms of performance, according to the leaks, the device will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8Gen3 processor.

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