Meizu 21 PRO Set for Feb 29, Ex-Flyme Head Yang Yan as Guest

Excitement Builds for Meizu 21 Pro Launch on February 29

Many netizens have noticed that this year the release date for new smartphones has been significantly earlier compared to previous years. Before the Spring Festival, many manufacturers have intensively launched their latest mid-to-high-end models, giving the impression that there won’t be any new phones after the Chinese New Year. However, the highly anticipated new flagship model from Meizu, the Meizu 21 Pro, is definitely worth looking forward to. Meizu Technology has officially announced that the Meizu 21 Pro will debut on February 29 at 19:00.

Meizu 21 Pro

It’s worth mentioning that Meizu has also invited a long-time friend of the brand, Yang Yan, to be a guest speaker. Yang Yan has previously held positions such as Chief Marketing Officer of Meizu Technology and President of the Meizu Flyme Business Unit. He led the UI design of Meizu M8 and is often referred to as the soul of Flyme.

Meizu recently announced the suspension of traditional “smartphone” projects and has officially launched the “All in AI” strategy. The Meizu 21 Pro will be the first model released by Meizu after fully transitioning into the AI field.

Yang Yan as Guest Speaker

Previously, Meizu’s former Senior Vice President, Li Nan, shared photos of the new Meizu 21 Pro, stating that the device performs exceptionally well in many aspects, rivaling other competitors. He also introduced many cutting-edge AI concepts, which are expected to impress Meizu fans. The unique features of Meizu 21 Pro will be unveiled at the launch event on February 29.

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