Yang Yan, Flyme’s star, returns for Meizu’s event on Feb 29!

Meizu Fans Rejoice! Yang Yan to Attend Meizu Special Event on February 29: The Former Soul Figure of Flyme

Meizu’s official announcement reveals a special event scheduled for February 29 at 7:00 PM, where exciting news is anticipated, including the potential launch of the previously halted Meizu 21 Pro and the disclosure of some AI-related information.

Today, the official release of a significant message stated that long-time Meizu friend Yang Yan will be present at this event as a special guest speaker, much to the delight of Meizu fans.

Yang Yan, one of the Meizu Three Musketeers, formerly held positions such as Meizu Technology’s CSO, President of Meizu Flyme Business Unit, and is considered a key figure in the development of Flyme.

Since 2011, Yang Yan has overseen the core design of all software products at Meizu, making Flyme one of China’s most outstanding custom systems.

During this event, Yang Yan will provide a comprehensive insight into the “All in AI” strategy.

It is reported that Meizu is likely to unveil its first AI-focused future device at this event.

According to Meizu’s roadmap, there will be six hardware products launched over the next three years:

  • 1 in 2024: The first AI Device.
  • 2 in 2025: All-weather AI Device (in XR form) and AI Device iteration.
  • 3 in 2026: All-weather AI Device, AI Device iteration, and AI Device PRO.

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