Meizu’s Swan Song with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3

Meizu Announces the Launch of Meizu 21 Pro, Powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen3

Meizu 21 Pro

Meizu has officially announced that a special event will be held on February 29th, where they will unveil their flagship device of the year – the Meizu 21 Pro featuring the Snapdragon 8 Gen3 chipset.

The first poster released by the official account reveals that the Meizu 21 Pro will come with a centered hole-punch display design on the front, offering a “rare one-handed grip feel on a 6.79-inch screen.”

Described as the “swan song” of the old Meizu era, the Meizu 21 Pro is expected to showcase advanced AI concepts, surpassing Xiaomi 14 Ultra and Huawei Pocket 2 according to Meizu’s chairman and CEO, Shen Ziyu.

Meizu 21 Pro 2

Rumored to have a 2K-level screen, extensive ultrasonic fingerprint recognition, improved camera capabilities, fast charging, and possibly satellite communication features, the Meizu 21 Pro is anticipated to offer significant upgrades compared to the Meizu 21 model.

Despite the higher starting price rumored to exceed 5000 yuan, slightly more expensive than the Xiaomi 14 Pro, some sources, including former Meizu executive Li Nan, are skeptical about its market performance.

The special Meizu event will center around the theme “O”, symbolizing both “over” and “closure,” as well as “Opening” to signify bidding farewell to the traditional smartphone era, embracing the AI-driven future.

Meizu 21 Pro 3

Meizu enthusiasts are familiar with the trio Li Nan, Bai Yongliang, and Yang Yan, known as the Meizu’s “Three Musketeers”.

In a tribute to the past, former Meizu CSO and Flyme icon, Yang Yan, will not only attend the event as a special guest but also deliver a comprehensive presentation on the “All in AI” strategy, adding excitement for many Meizu fans.

Furthermore, Geely’s acquisition of Meizu was mainly driven by the Flyme operating system. Geely has already introduced Flyme Auto, a new car system based on the Flyme system.

Meizu’s roadmap includes the launch of six AI hardware products over the next three years, with the high likelihood of unveiling their first AI device at this event.

Meizu 21 Pro 4

A Meizu representative clarified that the suspension of traditional smartphone projects does not indicate the end of releasing phone products but rather a shift towards integrating AI solutions for a completely different interactive experience in future products.

As the farewell masterpiece of old Meizu, what innovative AI features does the Meizu 21 Pro bring? Let’s stay tuned for more updates on the official launch of the Meizu 21 Pro, poised to be a remarkable device of the bygone Meizu era.

What are your thoughts on the recently announced Meizu 21 Pro?

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