Samsung to Use NVIDIA’s Tech for Better Chip Quality

Samsung to Improve Chip Quality Using Nvidia’s Technology

On March 4th, IT Home reported that Samsung’s manufacturing division has been lagging behind its competitor TSMC in recent years, with their produced chips not matching up to the performance of TSMC’s products. It is reported that Samsung is planning to narrow this gap with TSMC by implementing “digital twin” technology based on Nvidia’s Omniverse platform.


According to a report by EToday, Samsung is set to begin testing Nvidia’s Omniverse platform for “digital twin” technology to enhance the yield rate in chip manufacturing. This technology creates a virtual replica of the real world and utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analysis to predict potential issues. If applied in chip factories, this technology could significantly reduce product defects and improve the yield rate.

IT Home noted in the report that Nvidia will hold the GTC conference at the San Jose Convention Center in the United States from March 18th to 21st, where Samsung and several other tech companies will be present. It is reported that Seokjin Yoon, the Executive Director of Innovation Center at Samsung Electronics’ DS Division, will deliver a speech at the conference, introducing Samsung’s “digital twin” chip factory based on Nvidia’s Omniverse platform. Samsung is likely to announce plans to initiate pilot operations of “digital twin” technology in 2025 during the event.

Reports state that Samsung established a dedicated team for “digital twin” technology as early as the end of 2022 and appointed Lee Young-woong, an expert in the field of “digital twin,” as the vice president in charge of this team in April 2023. Samsung’s “digital twin” chip factory is expected to reach a level of 5, marking the highest level for a “digital twin” smart factory.

Samsung’s chairman, Lee Jae-yong, has shown keen interest in Nvidia’s “digital twin” technology, considering it as the future of chip manufacturing that can help improve the yield rate and reduce risks. According to TrendForce, Samsung’s 3nm process yield rate stands at 60%, indicating that 40 out of 100 chips are discarded due to quality issues. In comparison, TSMC’s 3nm process yield rate is reportedly around 70%. The report mentions that TSMC has already adopted the “digital twin” technology.

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