OnePlus Ace 3V Design Revealed, with Snapdragon 7+ Gen 3

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OnePlus Ace 3V is set to be released, and more details about its design and specifications are gradually being revealed. Earlier reports indicated that OnePlus Ace 3V will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 7+ mobile platform third generation. On March 18th, Qualcomm is scheduled to hold a new product launch event, where they will introduce the third generation Snapdragon 7+ and Snapdragon 8s mobile platforms. The design of OnePlus Ace 3V has also been unveiled.

OnePlus Ace 3V Design

Recently, the overseas version of OnePlus Nord CE4/OPPO K12 design has been exposed. Judging from the design, OnePlus Ace 3V seems to adopt a similar design approach. From the images, it is noticeable that the color scheme includes green and black designs. The green variant features a unique textured design, and the camera module area differs from the usual circular design of OnePlus phones. Instead of the dual-circle design like the previous OnePlus Ace 2V, it adopts a top-to-bottom “traffic light” design, which appears distinctive and somewhat “retro.”

OnePlus Ace 3V Design

Moreover, the device is observed to feature a combination of a plastic frame and a glass back cover, resembling the design of OnePlus Ace 2V. Regarding this design, many netizens expressed that it is more appealing than the already tiring large circular camera modules. OnePlus Ace 3V is expected to be equipped with the third generation Snapdragon 7+ mobile platform and a large 5500mAh battery. Additionally, OnePlus CEO, Louis, mentioned on Weibo that OnePlus Ace 3V will carry the mission of “popularizing AI smartphones,” indicating that there are some promising features to look forward to in terms of functionality.

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