iPhone’s appeal wanes, price cuts via official channels now normal

NVIDIA’s Market Value Surpasses $2 Trillion, Apple’s Influence Waning

According to foreign media reports, NVIDIA’s market value has now reached $2.19 trillion, and the gap with Apple is narrowing further. Despite the different primary businesses of the two companies, this also reflects the growth potential of the companies, indicating a decline in Apple’s influence.


In recent years, Apple’s innovation with the iPhone has been lackluster. Taking last year’s iPhone 15 series as an example, apart from the 3nm A17Pro chip and titanium alloy frame, there seems to be limited innovation. The hierarchy between different models is quite strict, requiring consumers to spend more to get a more complete experience.

On the other hand, domestic manufacturers in China have been continuously breaking through in terms of product capabilities in recent years, with various new technologies such as IP68 waterproofing and satellite calling being introduced. Since last year, domestic manufacturers have also begun to focus on AI large models. There are rumors that Apple has been slow to progress in this area.

The lack of innovation has led to a continuous decline in Apple’s appeal in the Chinese market. In the first 6 weeks of this year, Apple’s sales in China plummeted by 24%, slipping from 1st place last year to 4th place, overtaken by brands like Xiaomi and Huawei.


To further boost sales, Apple’s official channels have adopted a strategy of price cuts as a common practice. During last year’s Double Eleven, this year’s Spring Festival, and the recent International Women’s Day, Apple’s official website has carried out various levels of promotional activities.

However, relying on price reduction strategies can only offer a temporary solution. Apple’s lack of innovation has led to a continuous decrease in its product influence. If Apple continues to drag its feet on hardware innovation this year, the market decline trend may continue.

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