Tech Meets Nature: Honor Magic6 Ultimate Edition in 2 Colors, Mar 18 Release

On March 11th, Honor Terminal Co., Ltd. CEO Zhao Ming recently shared official images of the Honor Magic6 Ultimate Edition in two unique colors on his Weibo account. The colors revealed are called “Sky Purple” and “Ink Black.” The design inspiration for these two color schemes originates from the magnificent natural landscapes of China, showcasing Honor’s ultimate pursuit of aesthetics and craftsmanship.

Image Source: Weibo @赵明-George

The “Sky Purple” color of the Honor Magic6 Ultimate Edition draws inspiration from the “sunset sky of the Qilian Snow Mountain.” Zhao Ming described this color as “the faint purple reflecting the sky as the sun sets in the west.” Honor’s designers ingeniously combined the marvelous scenery of the Qilian sunset with the classic TOGO leather texture, giving the phone’s back cover a unique texture.

Image Source: Weibo @赵明-George

The “Ink Black” color scheme draws inspiration from the black stone city of western Sichuan. Zhao Ming explained, “Moonlight falls on the black-as-ink unique rocks, reflecting the exquisite beauty of western Sichuan.”

In terms of exterior design, the camera module of the Honor Magic6 Ultimate Edition features a special rounded rectangular shape, reminiscent of the “Porsche Design” logo, with the inscription “100X” inside the lens. The back cover is made of fine leather material, with a metal rim around the camera module and stitched design on the metal parts, presenting an elegant yet sharp overall look.

Image Source: Weibo @赵明-George

The Honor Magic6 Ultimate Edition will officially debut at the Honor Spring Flagship New Product Launch on March 18th. Besides the Ultimate Edition, the event will also introduce the Honor Magic6 RSR Porsche Design and Honor’s first AI PC, the “Honor MagicBook Pro 16.”

Editor’s Note: The release of the Honor Magic6 Ultimate Edition will undoubtedly enrich Honor’s product lineup, providing consumers with more choices. Along with the newly designed lens Deco and nature-inspired color selections, this product stands out, and we look forward to more detailed specifications, anticipating its exciting unveiling on March 18th.

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