Xiaomi SU7: Out Mar 28, Ships on Launch

On March 28th, Xiaomi is set to launch the SU7, marking the final venture of Lei Jun, the company’s founder. This long-awaited unveiling promises to bring Lei’s latest innovation to our doorsteps.

Prior to this, Xiaomi’s inaugural batch of car dealerships is poised to open on March 25th, covering 29 cities with a total of 59 stores. However, it’s important to note that from March 25th, these stores will only offer static displays of the SU7, with test drives set to commence post-launch on March 28th.

In anticipation, we’ve gathered all the information available on the Xiaomi SU7 for those eager to learn more.

Regarding the Sales Model

Xiaomi’s sales approach appears to draw inspiration from Tesla, with an emphasis on showroom-based retail that includes displays, sales, and test drives, whereas delivery and after-sales services will be centralized. This initial strategy may evolve, potentially introducing full-service flagship stores in the future.

Regarding Pre-Orders

Xiaomi CEO, Lei Jun, addressed questions about pre-orders in a Weibo post on March 14th, clarifying that Xiaomi vehicles are not yet open for blind pre-ordering. The company will not require deposits for test drives and has not disclosed any pricing or specific privileges, including no priority delivery for corporations or individuals.

About Delivery

Specific delivery dates will be announced at the launch event, but given current teasers, it’s anticipated that the Xiaomi SU7, already in mass production, will not keep customers waiting long, with bulk deliveries expected in April. Rumors also suggest a batch of vehicles could be immediately available post-launch, offering the chance for quick buyers to secure their purchase on the day.

Regarding the Positioning

Despite appearances and specifications suggesting a sporty sedan, Xiaomi officially positions the SU7 as a mid-to-large sedan, striking a balance between family use and sporty features. The focus on chassis and suspension implies a highly responsive drive that many are eager to experience.

About the Specifications

The standard SU7 is equipped generously, featuring automatic parking, hill-start assist, hill descent control, parking radar front and rear, panoramic imaging, an electric tailgate, keyless entry, push-button start, automatic LED headlights, panoramic sunroof, automatic wipers, heated steering wheel, 50W wireless charging for front seats, electric seat adjustment/ventilation/heating/massage functions, a “boss button” for the front passenger, heated second-row seats with proportionate folding, heat pump air conditioning, and rear air vents.

The Max version adds air suspension, an electric spoiler, soft-close doors throughout, active noise cancellation, and an AR-HUD display among others.

Regarding Autonomous Driving

Xiaomi touts a fully in-house developed smart driving algorithm for the SU7. The Max version features a 128-line LIDAR, two NVIDIA DRIVE Orin chips, 12 cameras, 12 ultrasonic radars, and 3 millimeter-wave radars. While the rear-drive version lacks LIDAR and includes only a single NVIDIA DRIVE Orin chip, its hardware aligns with the Max version, promising city and high-speed autonomous driving capabilities and autopark from the outset.

About Space

The SU7’s dimensions position it as a mid-to-large sedan, boasting comfortable and premium seating, with specifics on storage capacity promising generous luggage space, even surpassing competitors like the Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model S.

Regarding the Smart Cockpit

The SU7 features a 16.1-inch floating central control screen powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 chip, running on a responsive operating system with a 1.49-second cold boot time. It supports car connectivity, mobile integration, information exchange, mobile projection, wireless CarPlay, and can control car features such as air conditioning directly from the rear seats through Xiaomi tablets and Apple iPads.

About Power

With options for both single motor rear-wheel drive and dual-motor all-wheel drive configurations, the Xiaomi SU7 promises impressive performance and efficiency, backed by advanced battery technology and fast-charging capabilities to suit various needs and preferences.

Regarding Price

While Lei Jun has dismissed several speculated prices for the SU7, he suggests that its official price might lean towards the higher end. Amid a competitive market trend towards price reductions, Xiaomi is still expected to offer a compelling price point, leveraging both product excellence and competitive pricing as keys to market success.

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