AWE2024: Samsung’s AI Innovation Makes Dreams a Reality!

The essence of technology lies in its power to transform our lifestyles and continually uncover its boundless potential. After a year’s hiatus, the AWE (Appliance & Electronics World Expo) made a triumphant return on March 14th. With the theme “Intelligent Technology, Inspired Living,” this year’s AWE aimed to offer a myriad of intelligent solutions for domestic life. On opening day, the Shanghai New International Expo Center bustled with electronics enthusiasts and aficionados, while major brands eagerly sought the spotlight to become the “star of the show”!

Samsung's AI innovation at AWE 2024

Samsung, a mainstay participant at AWE, instantly made waves this year with a parade of AI-driven tech offerings. Notably, they premiered the world’s first borderless, transparent MICRO LED screen in China and showcased a quantum dot 8K TV that captures the true-to-life visual experience, a revolutionary AI smart chip that transforms television intelligence, and The Frame – an artistic TV that turns living room design into an art form. Samsung’s on-site AI technology opened a new era for TV evolution, drawing crowds of visitors.

Pioneering the Tech Super Era: World’s First Borderless Transparent MICRO LED Debuts in China

At previous expos, Samsung introduced the world’s first transparent MICRO LED, which garnered much awe and attention. Fans hoped to witness its remarkable presence again at AWE 2024. As anticipated, the transparent MICRO LED drew immediate visitor interest on the first day.

Samsung's transparent MICRO LED on display

This MICRO LED boasts a slim profile of approximately 1cm and, due to its high pixel density, delivers crisp, clear imagery.

Samsung's transparent MICRO LED in detail

With its modular design, the MICRO LED allows for bespoke screen customization to fit any space – a true screen technology innovation. Samsung leveraged semiconductor expertise to embed the LED chips’ operating circuits directly onto the glass substrate, cutting down on brightness loss common in traditional displays. Higher brightness and transparency, along with enhanced visibility of objects behind the transparent MICRO LED, were delivered – boasting clarity twice that of OLED. No news yet on the price or release date, but it’s worth awaiting.

Beyond the transparent product, Samsung’s MICRO LED lineup featured other conventional TV models. Their proprietary inorganic RGB self-illuminating technology offers advantages in lifespan, efficiency, speed, and reliability. With over 24 million fine LED chips, it delivers superb image precision and accurate color reproduction. Additionally, the custom Dolby Atmos sound design enriches the viewing immersion, with 114-inch, 101-inch, and 76-inch models available, providing ample choice for consumers.

Samsung MICRO LED TV options

Revolutionizing Living Room Entertainment: 8K Resolution + AI Chip Equals Immersive Enjoyment

At the expo, Samsung’s Neo QLED 8K TV grabbed headlines, boasting top-of-the-line technical specs at a consumer-friendly price.

Samsung's Neo QLED 8K TV

The quantum dot 8K TV uses quantum matrix technology, with Mini LED beads that are just 1/40th the size of traditional LEDs, meaning more beads pack the same volume, significantly boosting screen brightness. The device delivers clarity even in well-lit conditions, with refined dimming control adding depth and precision to colors for a leap in image quality. The 3D depth enhancement tech spotlights image focus points for a three-dimensional effect.

Samsung's 3D depth enhancement

Samsung didn’t just showcase their display prowess but also their “smart” AI chips, signaling the future of the TV industry. Their advanced AI-driven 8K chip optimizes the viewing experience, with features like AI image enhancement, motion improvement, energy saving, and intelligent sound control. With 512 AI neural networks, the chip enhances content to nearly 8K resolution. This processor provides high-quality imagery and sound across OTT services, video games, or live sports, ensuring smooth, stutter-free visuals and clear dialogue while intelligently saving energy.

Samsung's advanced AI-driven 8K chip technology

Elegance in Technology: The Frame TV Marries Art with Living Spaces

The Frame, a classic from the Lifestyle series, naturally made an appearance, turning living spaces into art galleries with its frame-inspired design and artwork mode.

The Frame art TV

Pantone ArtfulColor certification assures that The Frame delivers lifelike color adaptability in artwork representation.

Sealing Wisdom in Every Byte: Samsung’s AI Home Appliances Showcase Sustainable Quality

Samsung’s AI-driven products, including home appliances, stood at the forefront, from design and functionality to sustainability, painting a beautiful blueprint for domestic life. The RF8500 refrigerator series featured a no-frost, triple circulation system for rapid cooling and precise temperature control, eradicating odor mix. Achieving top energy efficiency, it maximizes savings with AI mode.

Samsung RF8500 refrigerator series

The WW9400D washing machine series boasted AI washing and bubble tech for superior cleanliness, while the DV9400D dryer series offered smart drying based on moisture content. A large AI-controlled display provides user-friendly operation.

Samsung WW9400D washing machine and DV9400D dryer series

AI Makes Dreams Accessible: Innovations for a Connected Electronics Ecosystem

Leveraging its IoT platform, Samsung SmartThings unified AI and IoT tech, creating seamless interconnectivity among devices, from smartphones and tablets to TVs and refrigerators. Combined with SmartThings and digital assistants, Samsung enhances the smart travel experience. The Galaxy S24 Ultra and S24+ also debuted, offering one-click home connectivity through Galaxy AI and visuals.

AWE 2024 showcased Samsung’s enduring commitment to smart product development across all lines, embodying the inevitable trend towards intelligent devices. Their dedication to labor liberation, higher communication, and ecological protection was evident, as they steadily meld technology, art, and home into one. Samsung will persist in sustainable pathways, enhancing living room immersion, smartening home appliances, fostering greener home environments, and making dream living within reach.

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