First to Post by Thought, Musk Replies

First Post by Thought Implanting: Musk’s Response

On March 23, Beijing Time, Nolan Albough, the first recipient of a chip implant from Neuralink, a company owned by Elon Musk, made his first post on X platform through mind control. Musk shared and replied to the post.

Albough wrote: “Twitter banned me, thinking I was a robot. X and Elon Musk restored me because I am indeed a robot.”

Musk retweeted the post with the comment: “The first post made through thoughts, using the Neuralink mind sensor!”


Image Source: X

It was reported that on March 20, local time, Neuralink live-streamed Albough’s progress on the social platform X: less than two months after the brain-computer interface implantation, this man, who had been paralyzed from a diving accident eight years ago, can now control a mouse by thinking, play games online, and even chess.

Albough expressed his gratitude for being the first tester of Neuralink: “I can’t even describe how cool it is to be able to do this.”


Image of Albough’s situation live-streamed by Neuralink on X

On March 21, Musk revealed on X that Blindsight, following Telepathy, is the next product to come, with Blindsight implant technology already functioning on monkeys: “No monkeys have died or been seriously injured due to the Neuralink devices!”

Source: Phoenix Technology

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