First to Post on X with Mind-Control Interface, Musk Responds

First Person Implanted with Neuralink Brain Chip by Elon Musk Makes Debut Post on X Platform

The first person implanted with a brain-chip by Neuralink, a company under Musk’s umbrella, made his debut post on X platform (formerly known as Twitter), using thoughts to operate the interface.

In a witty post, he humorously wrote: “Twitter banned me for being a bot, X and Elon Musk restored me because I am.”

Musk retweeted this post, adding: “First post sent by mind control using Neuralink’s brain-machine interface!”


The patient, named Noland Arbaugh, is 29 years old and became paralyzed from the neck down due to a spinal cord injury in a diving accident eight years ago. In January this year, Arbaugh became the first participant in Neuralink’s trial, undergoing a surgery to implant the brain-chip.

Earlier this week, Neuralink released a video showing Arbaugh playing chess and video games using his thoughts to operate the computer interface.


Source: Finance News

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