OnePlus Ace3V First Impressions: A Steal at $1999

Exploring the Oneplus Ace3V Smartphone

The other day, I saw the Oneplus Ace3V being sold for 1999, and I thought, “This must be a top seller, right?” Honestly, I was quite intrigued. So, over the weekend, I purposely went to a physical store to experience the Oneplus Ace3V myself. The seamless glass back panel felt incredibly comfortable, and the 1.5K screen was also very pleasant. Most other smartphones around a thousand yuan range tend to strain the eyes. The Snapdragon 7+ Gen3 performance was truly top-notch, living up to its reputation as a junior version of the Snapdragon 8 Gen3. I tried playing “Honor of Kings,” and the graphics were smooth with almost no lag, providing a rather satisfying experience.

Moreover, let’s talk about AI. Initially, I thought it would be the usual intelligent voice assistants, but after trying it out, I was genuinely impressed. It’s on a completely different level from regular voice assistants. I personally feel that in terms of AI, it can even rival the Samsung S24 Ultra. For a smartphone priced at 1999, this level of effort is truly commendable. I have a strong feeling that this phone is going to fly off the shelves. What do you think?

Oneplus Ace3V

Oneplus Ace3V

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